Young Writers' Conference

2013 Award Winners

University President’s Award

- Max Reagan, Liberty-Madera Ranchos High School, Sarah

Arts & Humanities Dean’s Award

- Maxie Moua, McLane High School, PTSD

Dean’s Council Award

- Devon Rusconi, King City High School, Roaming Solo

English Department Chair’s Award

- Kelsey Wight, Mariposa County High School,

The Yellow Room

Fresno Poets Association Award

- Miriya Serrato, Roosevelt High School, Loveless Love

Madden Library Dean’s Award

- Kyle Tomes, Mission Oak High School, Passage to Freedom

FACET Awards

- Tierney Pretzer, Mariposa County High School,

The Aftermath of a Cleanse

- Ashley Norton, Clovis High School,

Introverts: Lost in a World that Can’t Stop Talking

- Andy Vang, McLane High School, Black Coffee

- Anna Cirimele, Sanger High School, Grains of Sand

MFA Award

- Sonia Gamino, Mission Oak High School,

A Baby and an Outcry 

San Joaquin Literary Association Award

- Josh Levy, Mariposa County High School,

World of Warcraft

 Chicano Writers and Artists Association Awards

- Kevin Carrillo, Roosevelt High School,


- Marilyn Lopez, McLane High School, This Time Around

Hmong American Writers Circle Awards

- Maxie Moua, McLane High School, Down the Lines

- Lisa Her, Hoover High School,

Unforgotten Roads of Footprints

William Saroyan Society Award

- Zachary Puente, Liberty Madera High School,

Time Spent Away 

Dramatic Arts Award

- Jess Quinn, Roosevelt High School, Emmy

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project for Outstanding Teacher Awards

- Chris Houston, King City High School

- Brooke Dobson, Mariposa County High School