Teaching Associateship Program

Eligibility Information

A graduate student fully admitted to the graduate program plan on teaching.

A continuing graduate student must have a cummulative GPA of 3.0 and higher.

All incompletes (RP/I grades) must be corrected by the end of the subsequent semester. If an incomplete is found in the audit session, Grad Studies will ask for a memo from your instructor, to the Graduate Studies office, stating you are making satisfactory progress and is expected to complete this work before the end of this semester.

New TAs: Please ensure you are fully admitted to the graduate program (conditionally-classified "ok" for first semester TAs).

Returning TAs: You must have met Classified Standing with your degree program. Please check with your Graduate Advisor for more information!

All TAs: Department policy-if you have not yet completed the pedagogy course, English 270, you must enroll in the class for the Fall semester. Check with Dr. Hansen for any other arrangements.

All TAs must be enrolled in at least two courses, or 6-units, of coursework which count TOWARD your degree. Coursework counting toward your degree are (or will be) the classes listed on the Advancement to Candidacy form.

Meaning: you must enroll, stay enrolled, and complete two courses (or 6-units) that count toward your degree.

* Financial Aid students: if you need full-time status for financial aid, you must enroll in 9-units. Only two courses (or 6-units) of these 9-units must count toward your degree.
* Two courses can be a combination of units, depending on the units that are applicable toward your degree.
o 5-units? a 4-unit class and 1-unit class (either E290 or E291 for 1-unit)
o 4-units? a 2-unit class (Thesis) and a 2-units class (Supervised Course)
* Please Note: Only ONE E282 can count toward your degree. If you have taken this in your undergraduate studies (tutorship), this is waived.
* Only need Thesis units? You need not worry about 6-units.
* Already enrolled in Thesis units and don't need any units?
o Complete the "Graduate Studies Continuation Units" form, which is available at Graduate Studies office. (see Grad Studies Continuation Units link for instructions)

All TAs also must enroll in a weekly two-hour teaching practicum, English 290.

Difference between English 282 and English 290:

* These are both 1-unit classes. If you declared M.A. in English, Composition option, you are required to have one semester of English 282 toward your degree. Take this the first semester you TA.
* All others (and thereafter the first semester) are required to enroll in English 290.

There are various sections of English 290 offered on the Schedule of Classes. Your classs number is deteremined on your Supervising Professor. These will be emailed to the listserv.

* Dr. Asao Inoue, normally TAs who are teaching English 5A (class number to be announced)
* Dr. Bo Wang, normally TAs who are teaching English 5B (class number to be announced)
* Dr. Ginny Crisco, normally TAs who are teaching English 10 (class number to be announced)

Other English 290 teaching practicums:

* Dr. Magda Gilewicz is Supervisor for Graduate students who will (also) be tutors in the Writing Center
* Professor Steve Yarbrough is Supervisor for those TAs who are teaching English 41, 43, & 44

If you need two sections: YES, you need to sign up for both sections unless you clear it with the proper supervisor.

* If you are enrolling in just Thesis units or Continuation units, please verify with your Supervisor if you need to enroll in the teaching practicum E290.
* Please attain any waiver memos from your Supervisor.