Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

Be sure to consult your general catalog for additional information, major requirements and course descriptions.

Linguistics Major

The B.A. program in Linguistics is diversified but integrated. Four options are currently available:

Teaching English as a Second Language

General Linguistics

Computational Linguistics

Interdisciplinary Language Studies

In each option, students receive a basic grounding in the nature and structure of human language by taking a common core of classes.

A B.A. with a major in linguistics requires 36-54 units completed to include the following to total at least the 120 units required for a B.A.:

  • one of the options that are offered
  • the General Education requirement
  • specific course/skill requirements, and
  • electives and remaining degree requirements.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Cognitive Science

The B.S. program in Cognitive Science is administered by the Linguistics Department, but is an interdisciplinary program with an independent Director. The program combines aspects of Computer Science, Psychology, Linguistics, and Philosophy.

Director: Sean Fulop, Professor of Linguistics

See program outline and requirements in the General Catalog.