Hall of Fame Inductees

The MCJ Alumni & Friends Chapter has honored the following wonderful professionals: 

2008 Inaugural MCJ Alumni and Friends Chapter Hall of Fame Event (October 20)


Induction of Ray Steele

2009 MCJ Alumni and Friends Chapter Hall of Fame Event (October 29)

Induction of Dr. Roberta Asahina and creation of the Dr. Roberta Asahina Advertising Scholarship.

2010 MCJ Alumni and Friends Chapter Hall of Fame (September 14)  

Posthumous induction of Roger Tatarian in conjunction with Fresno State Centennial Celebration.

2012 MCJ Alumni and Friends Chapter Hall of Fame (September  27)

Hall of Fame Recipients are Desa Belyea and Lanny Larson

MCJ Fellows awards are created and presented.

Inaugural recipients are Bruce Batti, Stefani Booroojian, Jim Boren and Sidney Cox

2014 Innovation Celebration, featuring CMAC and MCJ Hall of Fame and MCJ Scholarship Reception. This celebrated the launch of the CMAC and MCJ Partnership and honored Hall of Fame Fellows and Hall of Fame recipients as well as MCJ scholarship recipients (November 10)

Hall of Fame recipient: Gary E. Simpson

Fellows recipients: Shirley (Melikian) Armbruster, Victor Hernandez, Jr., Robert Gauthier, Peter Robertson,  and Michelle (Van Valeknberg) Von Tersch.

2015 MCJ Alumni and Friends Chapter Hall of Fame (Nov. 12).  

Hall of Fame inductees were Bill Woodward and Ron Orozco.

Fellows inductees were: Derek Franks, Jill Wagner, Mark Mirko, Oscar Speace, Soma Norodom.

2017 MCJ Alumni and Friends Chamber Hall of Fame (will be held Nov. 9) 

Hall of Fame inductees will be Jan Yanehiro, Jim Tucker and Joe Rosato, Sr. 

Fellow inductees will be: Tom Uribes, Jane Quebe, Paul McDougal, Michael Carr, Albert Cano, Blair Looney, Chris Chiames and Betsy Hays, APR, Fellow PRSA  

Bios and photos (all the rest are pending!): 

Ray Steele

Dr. Roberta Asahina

Roger Tatarian