Visitor Parking
Regular Enforcement Hours

Fall and Spring Semesters, Winter Session

Monday - Thursday,
7:00 am to 10:00 pm

7:00 am - 4:00 pm

What is/where are the parking permit dispensers?

Parking dispensers allow people to buy one-day parking permits for $3.00.

Parking dispensers are located in various parking lots around the campus (see campus map)


List of all Student Senior and Master's Recitals






Nam Quoc Duong 11/12/14 @ 8:00pm (WRH) Guitar
Mitchell Ross 10/20/14 @ 8:00pm (WRH) Jazz Percussion
Paul Lujan 10/29/14 @ 7:00pm (CH) Trumpet
Ana Cuevas 10/29/14 @ 8:00pm (CH) Clarinet
Dustin Byrd
11/5/14 @ 7:00pm (CH) Percussion
Phil Gessert 11/5/14 @ 7:00pm (CH) Percussion
AJ Gagaza
11/18/14 @ 6:30pm (WRH) Tuba
Esther Verrinder 11/19/14 @ 8:00pm (CH) Violin
Matt Mazzei 11/20/14 @ 8:00pm (CH) Violin
David Gomez 12/1/14 @ 7pm (WRH) Guitar

(CH) = Concert Hall
(WRH) = Wahlberg Recital Hall