Arts and Humanities Dean's Medalists

Congratulations to the Dean's Medalists!

 Dean's medalist winners for 2015

2014-15 College Dean's Medalists: Dr. José A. Díaz, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Humanities; Valentin Kovtun, Department of Communication, Graduate Dean's Medalist; Joseph Bohigian, Department of Music, Undergraduate Dean's Medalist.

The most prestigious award given to a graduating student in the College of Arts and Humanities is the Dean’s Medal.

The Undergraduate and Graduate Dean’s Medalists are recognized for their outstanding academic and/or artistic achievements and accomplishments and contributions to the campus and community.  Nominees for the Dean’s Medal are the most accomplished and promising students in the College.

The Dean’s Medalists in turn become the College’s nominees for the President’s Medal and the Graduate Dean’s Medal, the highest accolade bestowed on a graduating senior or graduate student.

Department nominees and Dean’s Medalists are recognized during the College's annual Arts in Motion banquet sponsored by the College of Arts and Humanities Advisory Board.   The Arts in Motion banquet celebrates student excellence by spotlighting Dean’s Medalists, department nominees, student publication and student performances and exhibits.