Asian American Studies, Minor


Department of Anthropology

Minor in Asian American Studies Requirements

The Asian American Studies Program offers a minor with classes that focus upon the history and contemporary experience of Asians in the United States. These courses explore themes in local and ethnic history, trans-Pacific contact, cultural change and adaptation, and interethnic relations.

Courses in the Asian American Studies minor familiarize students with the historical, socioeconomic, and cultural adaptations that peoples from Asia make when coming to the United States. The curriculum is designed to enable professional men and women to understand and to interact with people from ethnic subcultures in our pluralistic society. The Asian American Studies Minor therefore complements any major dealing with human behavior.

For further information about the Asian American Studies Program, contact the coordinators at 559.278.3002, or write to:

Asian American Studies Program
c/o Department of Anthropology
California State University, Fresno
Fresno, CA 93740

Asian American Studies Minor

Category I. Select from ASAM 15, ANTH 2, AFRS 1 (6 units)
Category II. Select from ASAM 110, 138, 140, 180T (6 units)
Category III. Select from ASAM 151W; ANTH 123, 124, 125; AFRS 10 (6 units)

Total (18 units)

Note: The minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.



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