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Liberal Arts Online Program

The B.A. in Liberal Arts Degree Completion Program facilitates undergraduate degree completion for upper division students with a previous history of Fresno State academic success. The program is most suitable for working adults or those who otherwise would not return to Fresno State to complete a traditional degree program. The program offers significant flexibility through a choice of online courses to satisfy degree requirements within a one- to two-year program.

Through an innovative, online program of interactive and project-based learning, students gain depth of knowledge and make connections across disciplines. They learn to draw on rich and varied liberal arts to address current challenges in careers, local communities, and the world. Graduates leave with critical thinking, oral and written communication, and leadership skills fundamental to successful, resilient careers. The major also prepares students for graduate study in a range of fields.

Past Fresno State students with at least 70 units in good standing, who have completed at least 12 units in previous enrollment at the Fresno State campus, and who have not been enrolled at Fresno State for at least three years prior to enrollment in this program are eligible to apply. All lower division General Education (G.E.) requirements must be satisfied prior to enrollment. Students will work with an advisor to design a course of study to complete the required 25 units in the major, as well as any missing upper division G.E. requirements and electives. 120 units are required to complete the degree.

Program Mission Statement: This online degree completion program leading to a B.A. in Liberal Arts creates a pathway to degree completion for former Fresno State students who left the university in good academic standing without having earned an undergraduate degree in any discipline.

Interdisciplinary studies in this program foster connections among disciplines and draw upon multiple areas of knowledge to develop student competence in analysis, communication, creativity, human diversity, ethics, and leadership in order to engage challenges in a variety of career and community contexts.

Coursework supports an interdisciplinary, liberal arts approach to issues of particular significance to residents of the Central Valley region. Critical thinking, communication, creativity, and problem solving based courses place regional questions in a global context and bridge liberal arts learning with career development and civic engagement.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements Liberal Arts Major (online)

1. Major requirements (25-50 units)
Core Coursework (7 units)
ENGL 160W, AH 116

Remaining Coursework (18-43 units)
Chosen from among the following courses, with at least one from each grouping:

2. General Education requirements (49 units)

3. Other requirements (9 units)
American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2), Multicultural and International (MI), and Upper-division writing. Students in the Liberal Art Degree Completion program take ENGL 160W to fulfill the writing requirement.

4. Sufficient elective units to meet required total units (varies)

5. Total units (120)

The total of 120 units requires a minimum 25 units completed within the Liberal Arts degree program.

Note: Program course offerings include courses already designated as fulfilling all upper-division G.E. areas.


The faculty of the department offer diverse, skilled, and professional approaches to art and design education. The methods of teaching reflect distinctive yet complementary ways and means of introducing their disciplines while guiding students through the program with a sense of dedication and commitment to the education of artists, designers, and scholars.

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