Business Administration - Special Option, B.S.


The Craig School of Business

Special Option for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The special option for the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration provides an opportunity for students who are well grounded in the core areas of study required for the undergraduate degree in Business Administration to individualize a course of study not accommodated by any of the ten standard areas of specialization. The special option is offered for students who want to correlate studies in two or more areas of business and is not intended as a means of bypassing normal graduation requirements.

Students requesting a special option must obtain application forms from the Office of Undergraduate Student Services in the Craig School of Business. On these forms, students must do the following:

  1. Prepare a statement giving their reason for desiring a special option in terms of academic and professional goals and why these goals cannot be met through any of the standard options in business.
  2. Develop a specific list of courses which would, in their opinion, lead to the stated academic and professional goals.
  3. Secure the signed approval from the Office of Undergraduate Student Services, as well as from a faculty adviser, all department chairs in the business areas from which the option courses are drawn.

Students must submit the foregoing material to the Office of the Dean of the Craig School of Business for final approval.


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