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Department of Construction Management

Bachelor of Science Degree 

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education, the professional accreditation organization of the construction industry.

Students in construction management (CM) are exposed to a wide variety of topics, ranging from courses in management and administration of construction companies, projects, people, and equipment to courses focusing on specific techniques for project planning and control work improvement and estimating. The Construction Management program also provides opportunities to develop a strong background in computer applications in construction. Computer skills combined with a solid management and technical background are major assets of the construction management graduate.

Opportunities for construction management graduates are excellent. Examples of positions held by construction management graduates are project manager, construction manager, project administrator, estimator, scheduler, architectural representative, project superintendent, and construction administrator. Students should consider this challenging, satisfying, and high-paying profession.

Mission of Construction Management

The mission of the Construction Management Program is to develop character, build leaders, and sustain learning.

Educational Objectives of the Instructional Program

  • Improve student success and graduation rates consistent with university initiatives
  • Enhance smart growth of freshman and transfer student enrollment in the degree program consistent with available resources
  • Enhance the quality of freshman and transfer students enrolled in the degree program
  • Enhance academic advising for incoming freshman and transfer students
  • Enhance opportunities for students to have diverse and experiential learning through involvement in high impact education practices
  • Enhance student career assistance to increase placement of graduates in entry-level positions across construction industry sectors

Construction Management Major Requirements

1. Major requirements (56 units) and additional requirements (28-29 units)

Major requirements (56 units)
Lower-division Major Requirements (13 units)
CM 1, CM 2, CM 17, CM 18, CM 19L, CM 20 and CM 21L

Upper-division Major Requirements (37 units)
CM 105 or CE 20; CM 107, CM 107L, CM 110, CM 116, CM 120, CM 122, CM 127, CM 160, CM 162, CM 164, CM 170, CM 174L, CM 179, CM 180A, CM 180B, CM 193i

Construction Management Electives (6 units)
Select at least one course from the following areas:

Multidisciplinary Design/Build Electives (3 units)
Select one course from the following: CM 134 or CM 144

Construction Sector Electives (3 units)
Select one course from the following: CM 150 or CM 151

Additional requirements (28-29 units)
Construction Math and Science Pathways – Choose one pathway (15 - 16 units):

Pathway 1: MATH 75, MATH 76, PHYS 4A, and PHYS 4AL. Also choose one from: EES 1, CHEM 1A, or CHEM 3A.
Pathway 2: MATH 75, PHYS 2A, and PHYS 2B. Also choose either: DS 73 or MATH 11

Business Courses (13 units):
ACCT 4A, BA 18, ECON 40 or 50, MGT 104

2. General Education requirements (48 units)*

3. Other requirements (9 units)
American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2), Multicultural and International (MI), and Upper-division writing. Construction management students are encouraged to take BA 104 or MKTG 100S to double-count toward the business minor and the MI requirement.

4. Sufficient elective units to meet required total units (varies)

5. Total minimum requirements (120 units)

* This total indicates 12 units for PHYS 2A or PHYS 4A and 4AL [B1], MATH 75 [B4], ECON 40 or 50 [D2], and CM 180B [IB] are used to satisfy the General Education requirements. Note: Construction Management majors are exempt from G.E. third course in Area C, Area E, and Area IC.

Advising Notes

  1. Courses in construction management, mathematics and the physical sciences taken
    CR/NC are not counted toward fulfillment of degree requirements in construction
  2. All construction management students must consult with their academic advisors at least
    once per academic year.
  3. All students enrolled in construction management courses are required to follow the
    “DISCOVERe Mobile Device Requirements” as established by the Department of
    Construction Management. The current version of these requirements can be found on
    the department website: 


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B. S. in Construction Management

A Roadmap identifies the specific set of courses students must complete in their major in sequential order. Information on corequisites or prerequisites is listed along with other pertinent information to assist students in completing courses towards the major.

For the most up-to-date roadmap, please contact the College Advising Center or check your My Degree Plan.

Please note: Roadmaps are not a guarantee of course availability.

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Engineering Career Day

Construction Management (CM) is an interdisciplinary degree program that is committed to educating future professionals in the architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry. A construction manager is a professional that uses specialized techniques to manage the planning, design, and construction of a project, from concept through operation. These professionals manage the time, cost, safety, quality, and many other aspects of a built environment project.

Graduates from CM degree programs manage all types and sizes of projects; from a small residential home to multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects, CM’s are an integral part of any project.

What You Can Earn

Average starting salary for Construction Management graduates is $70,000 (Source:

Annual Mean Wage for a Construction Manager is $99,510 (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, United States [BLS 2017])

What You Can Do

  • Become a Certified Construction Manager
  • Become a Certified Professional Constructor
  • Become a Licensed Contractor

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Architectural Design
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Construction Graphics
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Construction Project Controls
  • Estimating and Bidding
  • Sustainable Construction

What You Can Learn

  • How to manage large design/build projects
  • Construction materials and their application to different structural systems
  • Federal and State labor-oriented regulations as applied to construction industry practices
  • Conceptual planning and construction of a large-scale building project
  • Sustainable practices for the design and construction of projects

About the College

The Lyles College of Engineering is the only publicly supported engineering college in the San Joaquin Valley. The mission of the college includes developing each student's potential to the greatest extent possible, provide a quality engineering education to all students and to serve students from groups that historically have not participated in a university education.

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