Data Analytics, Minor


Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences

Data Analytics Minor Requirements

Required (12 units): DS 73, DS 123, DS 133, DS 135
Elective (select two) (6 – 7 units): DS 189T (3 units), IS 189T (3 units), ECON 123, CSCI 164, FIN 123, IS 158, MATH 109, IS 140, IS 160, ACCT 146

Total (18 units)

Advising Notes

  1. Departments will provide permission into courses after evaluating appropriate similar prerequisites have been completed. In the case of DS 73, any GE area B4 will sufficiently satisfy the prerequisite (DS 72 is preferred). DS 133 and/or DS 135 can be taken concurrently with DS 123. 
  2. Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course. No course may be taken as CR/NC.
  3. Student must have a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.


The Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences is the home of leading experts who have decades of combined professional experience and research in Information Systems and Decision Sciences. The faculty of the Department have extensive expertise in systems analysis and design, project management, programming, statistics, analytics, operations management, computer networks, cyber-security, artificial intelligence, and database systems. The award-winning faculty members come from all over the world, each with a doctorate or a graduate degree from a major university. Collectively they bring experience in corporations in a wide variety of industries, as consultants, and in the public sector.

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Data Analytics


Data Analytics (DA) uses powerful tools and techniques to derive meaning and value from data. As companies are becoming more data-driven, data analytics is now being viewed as an essential area of expertise and as a distinguishable career path. Students learn to analyze data and find patterns to enhance business effectiveness and problem-solving. These skills are essential to make informed decisions to drive the business forward and achieve strategic goals. Students learn to become problem-solvers and are skilled to analyze data that unlock business opportunities and solutions while keeping the “big picture” in mind. Critical thinking and effective communication are complementary skills developed in this option. Topics covered in this option include decision analysis, data mining, modeling, prediction, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

What You Can Earn

The job opportunities for Data Analytics graduates have never been more numerous. Opportunities in this field typically have a title of Analyst but careers span all industries and functional areas like data analysts, business intelligence, and market research analysts.

Below are some positions with mean/median salaries:

  • Data analyst $64,000
  • Data scientist $67,000 - $146,000
  • Market research analysts $41,000 - $77,000
  • Source: Glassdoor, Payscale, Dice as of January 2022

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence with spreadsheets
  • Data mining and Machine learning
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Topics in emerging data science and analytics

What You Can Learn

  • Advanced analytics skills and tools
  • Practical programming to solve business problems
  • Decision optimizations 

About the School

The Craig School of Business is proud to be recognized as one of the best business schools in the state. The school provides active, engaged learning experiences to empower future business leaders. State of the art computer labs are open day and night, with staff available to answer technical questions and all student areas within the Peters Business Building have wireless Internet access.

School Contact Information

The Craig School of Business
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Fresno CA 93740-8001
Phone: (559) 278-2482

Department Contact Information

Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences
5245 N. Backer Ave.
Peters Business Building, Room 287
Fresno, CA 93740
Phone: (559) 278-2823