Liberal Studies - ITEP Option, B.A.


Department of Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements
Liberal Studies Major, Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) option

The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) option is an accelerated program that provides students with the opportunity to complete a degree in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject credential in four years. The Program is a Cohort model with online, hybrid, distance learning, and face-to-face instruction. Face-to-face and distance learning courses will be at the Fresno State Visalia Campus.

Policies and Procedures for ITEP Option
Admission to the program is a two-step process: (1) admission to the university and (2) admission to the ITEP Option for the Liberal Studies major. Applicants must meet all criteria for admission to the university and to the ITEP Option. Applicants who are admitted to the University may be admitted to the Liberal Studies major if not admitted to the ITEP Option. All applicants must:

  • Be admitted to the University
  • Complete the ITEP Option application
  • Attain junior status (60 units) by the time of entrance to the program
  • Have completed a documented field experience of at least 45 hours in a K-12 classroom or a documented field experience deemed equivalent by the campus
  • Have completed all required lower division General Education and major courses prescribed by the campus

For additional information, please contact Recruitment at 559-278-2048 to schedule an appointment.

  1. Major Requirements including GE Requirements (82 units)
    Required courses (33 units)
    KINES 152 (3 units)
    LING 11 (3 units)
    MATH 10B (3 units)
    LS 110WS (3 units)
    CI 100 (3 units)
    COMM 114 (3 units)
    LS 111 (3 units)
    MATH 100 (3 units)
    EES 9 (3 units)
    SOC 111 or SSCI 180 (3 units)
    EHD 50 (3 units) (or waiver form, prerequisite for Teaching Credential Program)

    General Education Area Requirements (49 units)
    [A1] COMM 3, COMM 7, or COMM 8 (3 units)
    [A2] ENGL 5B or ENGL 10 (3 units)
    [A3] Any A3 course (3 units)
    [B1] NSCI 1A (4 units)
    [B2] BIOL 10 (3 units)
    [B4] MATH 10A (3 units)
    [C1] ART 1, ARTH 10, ARTH 11, MUSIC 9, MUSIC 74, or DRAMA 62 (3 units)
    [C1 or C2] ENGL 20, ENGL 30, HUM 10, HUM 11 (3 units)
    [C2] HIST 20* (3 units)
    [D1] HIST 11 (3 units)
    [D2] GEOG 4 (3 units)
    [E] CFS 39 (3 units)
    [F] Any F course (3 units)
    [IB] NSCI 115 (3 units)
    [IC] IAS 108 (3 units)
    [ID] SSCI 110 (3 units)

  2. ITEP Option Requirements (44 units)
    CI 162 (3 units)
    CI 163 (3 units)
    CI 175 (3 units)
    CI 176 (3 units)
    EHD 170 (9 units)
    EHD 178 (2 units)
    LEE 158 (3 units)
    LEE 159 (3 units)
    LEE 160 (3 units)
    LEE 166 (3 units)
    LEE 167 (3 units)
    LEE 169S (3 units)
    SPED 179 (3 units)

  3. Other requirements (9 units)**
    American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2), Multicultural and International (MI), and Upper-division writing

  4. Sufficient elective units to meet required total units (varies)

  5. Total (134 units)

* HIST 20 is G.E. Area C2 for liberal studies students only. (For all other students, HIST 20 is G.E. Area D2.)
** LS110WS will fulfill the upper-division writing requirement and SOC 111 or SSCI 180 will fulfill the MI requirement


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