Certificate Award in Grant Writing and Management

COMING IN SUMMER, 2015 (Program information will be available in April, 2015)

This intensive and practical program is designed for advanced students and professionals who seek to increase their effectiveness in the dynamic and rewarding field of grant proposal writing and management. This program offers three workshops leading to a certificate: Basic Grant Proposal Writing, Advanced Grant Proposal Writing, and Detailed Writing and Review of Grant Proposals.

Participants interested in earning a certificate must attend all three courses to earn a certificate of completion. After completing the series, you may arrange a consultation with the instructor for the purpose of evaluating your grant proposal.

This certificate program requires a textbook which is available at the first session of every workshop for a one-time fee of $35. It will be used for all workshops.

Coming Soon - A brochure and registration form.

Two optional units of academic credit are available for this certificate program. Participants must register and complete all three courses, and an additional six hours of your time is required to earn the two units.

Units:  Two
Course:  ERA 180T
Grading Option:  Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
Fee:  $150 (payable at the first course)

  • Workshop I: Basic Grant Proposal Writing
  • Workshop II: Advanced Grant Proposal Writing
  • Workshop III: Detailed Writing and Review of Grant Proposals