About the Central California Center for Excellence in Nursing

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Background and Purpose

Creating the Central California Center for Excellence in Nursing (CCCEN) at California State University, Fresno is a commitment by California State University, Fresno to address the critical nursing shortage on a permanent basis with a well-thought-out action plan.

The center, which began in 2006, is taking a regionally and comprehensively-focused approach, working in partnership with healthcare providers to develop the kinds of nursing specialists, leaders and educators needed to serve our diverse region.

This Center's goals are to:

  1. Promote and enhance nursing education and practice at all levels;
  2. Connect alumni and community to the joint academic and service mission of the University, College of Health and Human Services, and School of Nursing;
  3. Document the continuum of excellence in nursing education and leadership in the Central Valley through the Nursing Legacy Project; and
  4. Become a leader in resource development, supporting nursing education and research.

The Central California Center for Excellence in Nursing is positioned to provide strong, innovative, well-focused leadership that joins research, education and the broadest range of health care resources to train and retain quality nurses to create a healthier Valley.


The mission of the Central California Center for Excellence in Nursing (CCCEN) at California State University, Fresno is to create a culture of inquiry to advance nursing science and expand its regional leadership in graduate education, research, and practice.

Our graduate programs, at the master's and the proposed doctoral level, will provide leaders for academic and health care settings. Advanced practice nurses will fill important roles, increasing access to care in our underserved San Joaquin Valley region.

Another critical component of the Center's mission is to advance nursing science through methodologically rigorous and collaborative research, focusing on health disparities in the region.

The CCCEN will serve as a focal point for faculty, students and community to develop research projects that demonstrate innovative health care delivery models in the community.

Inherent within the mission is the application of new knowledge to the practice of nursing in the community through sharing innovations in nursing care and delivering expert care to the underserved and vulnerable populations.

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