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  • 2019 Dean's Medalists, Arnoldo Trevino and Shannon Muzio
  • School of Nursing ranked among 25 nursing programs nationwide
  • Faculty & students work together on innovative research
  • Nationally recognized Exercise Science Program
  • Learning through new state-of-the-art labs and clinics
  • Fostering leaders in health and human service!
  • Students engage in interprofessional collaboration

Welcome to the College of Health and Human Services!

Residents and communities in the Central California region continue to face serious issues within the health and human service environment that will require continuing generations of well-prepared health and human service professionals. Students in our college are engaged in academic departments and programs including:

Program also include several off-campus research and training centers. The primary goal of our college and university is ensuring that students succeed in their chosen discipline.



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Career Options

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