Policies & Forms

All the forms you will need to apply to the Nursing Program can be found on this website.

Nursing Student Handbooks



Undergraduate Application available in March for fall Admittance and August for Spring Admittance.

  • Policies specific to the School of Nursing can be found in the Student Handbook which can be accessed here. General questions about the University are answered in the current General Catalog


Student Grievances 

A student-related dispute could arise out of a decision or action, in
the course of official duty by a member of the faculty, staff, or
administration of California State University, Fresno.  The decision
or action could be alleged as discriminatory, contrary to accepted
academic relationships and procedures, or restrictive of the rights of
any student of the university to fair treatment. The dispute
resolution process provides a mechanism for students to have a third
party review the situation. The student must first make a good faith
effort to resolve the matter informally by talking directly with the
individual concerned, the individual’s direct supervisor or department
chair, and the director of the unit or college/school dean.  If
resolution is not effective through the informal procedures, for
assistance, the student should contact the Office of the Vice
President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.