Gait, Balance & Mobility Research & Education Center


The Gait, Balance and Mobility Research and Education Center is a clinical research and training center for the evaluation and treatment of persons with gait, balance, and mobility disorders. Dr. Peggy R. Trueblood, PhD, PT, is the founder and director of this center. She has specialized in the evaluation and treatment of people with neurological disorders including vestibular disorders and taught in the area of neurosciences for over 25 years. Dr. Trueblood and the faculty in the Department of Physical Therapy at Fresno State University are well known for their expertise in the area of balance and falls. Students training in this center are well prepared to begin Fall Prevention programs in the community, as well as evaluate and treat patients with balance, gait, and mobility disorders.


Our mission is to provide a model practice center providing new and innovative ways to deliver health care services to people with gait, balance, and mobility problems in our community through applied research, provision of community- based services, education and training of future health care professionals. The center concentrates on three focus areas:

• Education and Training
Graduate and undergraduate students involved in the center are trained using highly specialized evaluation and treatment services for persons with gait, balance and mobility disturbances.

• Model Practice
The needs of our senior population with gait, balance and mobility disorders require a practice model that focuses on maximizing independence through consumer education, prevention and healthy living lifestyle. Although the center was initially developed to respond to the needs of older adults at risk for falls in our community, we also have begun to develop a model practice in the assessment and treatment of children with neurological disorders affecting balance and gait.

• Applied Research
Evidence-based research, conducted in the Center, has provided treatment and practice guidelines for persons (young and old) with gait, balance and mobility disorders.

The following services are offered:

  • Complete Balance Evaluation
  • Screenings for Balance Disorders
  • Vestibular Clinical Evaluation
  • Physical Therapy Consultative Services
  • Community-based Individualized Balance Re-training Program
  • Gait Program using Partial Body Weight Treadmill Training
  • Community Outreach Fallproof Balance and Mobility Program