Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Admission Requirements


To apply to the Fresno State's DPT Program, a student must complete all items below:

  1. Hold or be eligible to receive a bachelor's degree from an accreditated college or university by the end of the spring semester prior to admission to the program.
  2. Have completed or be currently enrolled in a minimum of 7/9 prerequisite courses at time of application (see table below). Please note all 9 prerequisite courses must be completed at the end of spring semester prior to matriculation.

    *No more than one science (if semester-based course; two if the course is quarter-based) and one non-science prerequisite courses can be in progress after the fall term.

    **Coursework older than 7 years are not accepted.

    Prerequisite Courses (9 total) 
    Course Fresno State Students Transfer Students

    Human Anatomy

    Biol 64

    Human anatomy with lab

    (1 semester/ 5/6 quarter units or 2 quarters)

    *No online or hybrid courses.

    Human Physiology

    Biol 65

    Human physiology with lab

    (1 semester/ 5/6 quarter units or 2 quarters)

    *No online or hybrid courses.


    Chem 1A/1B series, ORChem 3A/3B/3BL series
    (all with labs)

    General Chemistry series or Inorganic and organic series or bio-chemistry series (all with labs)

    (2 semesters/3 quarters)

    *No online or hybrid courses.


    Phys 2A, 2B

    Physics with lab including mechanics, heat, light, sound, and electricity

    (2 semesters/3 quarters)

    *No online or hybrid courses.


    Psych 10

    General psychology, developmental psychology or life span psychology accepted.

    (1 semester/4 quarters units)

    *Online courses accepted.

    Abnormal Psychology or 
    Psychological Aspects of Disability (Preferred)

    Psych 66 or 169


    Abnormal Psychology or Psychological Aspects of Disability (Preferred)

    (1 semester/4 quarter units)

    *Online courses accepted.


    PH 92 or 
    Math 11

    Any Introduction to basic statistics course

    (1 semester/4 quarter units)

    *Online courses accepted.

    Recommended Course:

    Medical Terminology

    *If applicant is accepted, the course must be completed the summer prior to fall admission.

    PhTh 105

    Study of word parts, definitions, spelling, analysis, synthesis, and use of medical vocabulary. 

    (1 semester/4 quarter units)

    *Fresno State students: The Chemistry Department does not allow students to take the Chem 3 series after already taken or attempted the Chem 1 series.

    All science courses must include laboratories and cannot be at an introductory level. Human Anatomy and Physiology must be taken from the Anatomy, Physiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology or Zoology department. Combined Human Anatomy and Physiology courses will be considered only if a combined course sequence (2 semesters or 2 quarters) is completed.

  3. Receive a grade of C or better in each prerequisite course and maintain a prerequisite GPA of 3.0.

    ***No course may be repeated more than one (1) time and no more than three (3) prerequisite courses may be repeated. AP credit, CR/NC grades, correspondence courses, or independent study courses cannot be used for prerequisite requirements. Only those prerequisite courses completed by the end of the fall semester in which the application is made will be counted toward the ranking of candidates for selection into the graduate program.

  4. An overall GPA of 3.0 on all completed upper-division coursework. AP credit CR/NR grades, correspondence courses or independent study courses cannot be used for prerequisite requirements.

  5. Submit GRE test scores. Take the GRE at least 6-weeks before the application deadline date and arrange for ETS to send your official GRE scores directly to PTCAS Fresno State at code: 7798.

    If you are offered a seat in the program, you may be need to submit additional scores to Fresno State Graduate Admissions Department (code: 4312). 

  6. Provide evidence of knowledge of physical therapy through employment, volunteer work, or observation (under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist) in a physical therapy department for a minimum of 100 hours; twenty (20) hours of which must be in general in-patient care setting.

    It is REQUIRED to have all of your observation hours be verified by a license physical therapist.
    • Prefered method: Log on to PTCAS to verify your PT observation hours by using the online PT Hours signature process; submit by the PTCAS application deadline. No Exception. If needed, the PT Observation Hours paper option is also available on the PTCAS website for signature; send the signed form to PTCAS. (SEE BELOW FOR PTCAS MAILING ADDRESS)
    • Click here for Observation Hours form. Read instructions for using this form.

  7. Three (3) letters of recommendation (LORs) are REQUIRED; one and/or two MUST be from a licensed physical therapist and a non-physical therapy professor. Fresno State pre-physical therapy/IHRS faculty are not acceptable references. DO NOT submit more letters than required as only 3 LORs are considered. A complete list of acceptable reference sources is available here.
    • Prefered method: Use the electronic reference process on PTCAS and submit by PTCAS application deadline. If needed, the paper reference option is available on the PTCAS website. An original letter must accompany the reference request form in order to be accepted and must be in a sealed envelope on official institutional or business stationary. (SEE BELOW FOR PTCAS MAILING ADDRESS

  8. Participate in a personal interview.

Late and incomplete applications will be not considered.

Fresno State DPT program only interviews up to 160 applicants, therefore, meeting the foregoing criteria does not guarantee an applicant an interview. Students transferring from community colleges and other colleges or universities who meet the foregoing criteria are considered on the same basis as California State University, Fresno students applying for admission to the program.