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Bachelor of Arts Degree Program

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The Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Social Work Program at California State University, Fresno is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) through 2024. Our program is designed to provide a foundation in generalist social work practice. We strive to prepare our students for entry-level social work practice and for graduate studies. We aim to prepare our students with the competencies, values, and identities they will need to engage in ethical social work practice.

Our BA program is committed to the vision, mission, and value statements of the Department of Social Work Education (DSWE). We are hopeful that our efforts to teach relationship building, dialogue, advocacy, and empowered collective action will help our students to pursue social justice in the Central Valley. In addition, we are confident that our students will graduate with the skills they need to support the basic human needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities.

The students in our BA program are often the first in their families to attend a university. Our students come from a mix of rural, suburban, and urban communities. Many of our students are multi-lingual and have a strong understanding of multiple cultures when they enter our program. Our students are highly engaged in the community. In addition to spending 450 hours in an internship during their senior year, many of our students participate in community service. The DSWE is home to four student clubs and an honor society.

Some of our faculty have lived their entire lives in the Central Valley while others have lived in communities across the United States and abroad. We are confident that our diverse faculty provide students with the opportunity to be exposed to the local expectations of social service agencies while also helping students to gain a heightened awareness of communities around the U. S. and the world.

Beginning in Fall 2020, freshmen at Fresno State who are interested in studying social work will begin their studies in the pre-health major where they will be exposed to the other majors in the College of Health and Human Services. Students in the pre-health major will be expected to complete their lower division general education requirements within the first three semesters. During their third semester in the pre-health major, qualified students will apply for admission into the social work major.

Beginning in Fall 2020, students who qualify to transfer into the social work program will answer supplementary questions when they apply to Fresno State through Cal State Apply. These supplementary questions will serve as the student’s application to the social work major. Students who are admitted to Fresno State will either be admitted directly into the social work BA Program or they will be assigned to their secondary major.

If you are not admitted into the social work major but want to pursue a career in social work, you still have options.  You can apply to our MSW program.  An undergraduate degree in social work is not a prerequisite to apply for our MSW Program. In fact, eight schools in the CSU system who offer an MSW program do not offer a BA in social work. We admit approximately 120 students per academic year in our BA social work program. All cohorts begin in the fall semester and take courses in a specific sequence. The BA Program in social work at Fresno State has enjoyed robust enrollment for many years and we expect our program to remain popular for many years to come.

For Advising and Further Information

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The Department welcomes inquiries from anyone interested in learning more about this profession. Inquiries about the bachelor's program should be addressed to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. (See info on right panel)



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