Message from the Associate Dean

The Craig Senior Honors Program is as unique as the students who participate it in.  It is a rewarding experience for the students, their mentors and the faculty in charge of the cohort.  It brings out the creativity in students and exposes them to knowledge and activities few undergraduates even know exist.  Students go through the program as a cohort which leads to developing life-long friendships.  For me as a dean, it is very rewarding to see the students grow academically, gain confidence and celebrate when they get their research accepted at a conference or for a journal publication.

Interested students who meet these minimum qualifications are encouraged to apply:

  • 3.5 GPA
  • Starting senior year upcoming Fall Semester (this means that you will graduate in the Spring or Fall semester one full year after the date of your application)
  • Declared business option or economics major
  • Business students: Completion of DS 123 (no exceptions)
  • Economics students: Completion of Econ 123 (no exceptions)

Please click on the "Apply" link to the left to get information on how to apply.

The 2013-14 Honors Program Director, Dr. Susan Geringer and Associate Dean, Dr. Kathy Moffitt are always willing to discuss the program with you.

Dr. Rudy Sanchez is the 2012-13 Honors Program Director