- Barcelona, Spain

Take advantage of our great summer program in Barcelona, Spain. 

ONE undergraduate course will be offered jointly with laSalle Universitat Ramon Llull.


MGT 110: Administration and Organizational Behavior (6 units)

Course Objective: Course Objective: Development of management skills with emphasis on organization, communication networks, leadership, reward systems, conflict management, change, ethics, and stress. Case analysis, written projects, small group exercises.

Course Schedule

Four weeks in Fresno: June 6, 2016 — June 30, 2016

Two weeks in Barcelona: July 3, 2016 — July 16, 2016

Barcelona Tentative Schedule (PDF Format)

Cost Structure

Unit Cost
6 units $2,700

How to Apply

STEP 1 - Application Form

Complete and submit the Application Form to the International Business Programs Office (PB 189) by March 4, 2016:

If you cannot download the application form, you can request them at the International Business Programs Office (IBP) at PB189 or email Crystal at lcui@csufresno.edu.

STEP 2 - Course Prerequisite Approval Form

Print out the Course Prerequisite Approval Form. Please make sure you obtain the Undergraduate Advisor's signature at Undergraduate Student Services Office (PB 185) for official approval. 

STEP 3 - Transcript

Print out the Unofficial Transcript from your account at my.fresnostate.edu and submit it along with the application package.

STEP 4 - Travel Sponsorship

Complete and submit the Travel Sponsorship Application Form to the International Business Programs office (PB 189) by March 4, 2016.
*This is the application form for both Travel Grant and Sponsorship.

STEP 5 - Register for Class(es)

Deadline for registering the class(es) is March 18, 2016. Instruction will be provided later.

STEP 6 - Payment

Deadline for the payment is March 18, 2016. Instruction will be provided later. 


STEP 7 - Visa Information

  • If you have a American Passport, you DO NOT need to apply for the visa.
  • If you have a Foreign Passport, you will need to visit the Consulate of Spain in San Francisco website to find out if you need a visa to Barcelona. 
  • If you need a visa to enter Barcelona, apply for the "Short Stay Schengen Visa"