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Recent grants and awards received by Biology faculty and students

  • Congratulations to the following faculty for receiving the 2015-2016 Provost's Awards:  Dr. Joseph Ross: Innovation Award and Dr. David Lent: Promising New Faculty.
  • Congratulations to the following Biology department students who won awards at CCRS Spring 2016!

    Outstanding Oral Graduate Presentation:  Saika Esani, Advisor:  Dr. Tricia Van Laar

    Outstanding Undergraduate Oral Presentation:  Samantha Hartanto, Advisor:  Dr. Mamta Rawat

    Outstanding Poster Presentation:  Meganne Weissenfels (Session 1, Advisor:  Dr. David Lent), Rachel Tamayo (Session 4, Advisor:  Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea)

    Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation: Marisol Lauri (Session 3, Advisor:  Dr. Joseph Ross)

    Honorable Mention Poster Presentations:  Chirag Vazirani, (Session 2, Advisor:  Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea)

    Honorable Mention Undergraduate Poster Presentation:  Yvette Valadez-Carranza & Joy Aparicio Valenzuela (Session 3, Advisor:  Dr. David Lent)

  • Ms. Shola Arelu in Dr. Mamta Rawat's lab has been selected for a 2016 Amgen Scholars Fellowship at Caltech.
  • Mr. Jason Thomas of Dr. Mamta Rawat's lab received the Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholar Award, January 2016.
  • Ms. Natisnet Ghebrendrias of Dr. Mamta Rawat's lab has been awarded a position in the 2015 France/Belgium iREU program.  She will be spending the summer in Toulouse at the University Paul Sabatier  within the group of Dr. Olivier Neyrolles.
  • Mr. Jason Thomas, also from Dr. Rawat's lab, has received the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) Undergraduate Research Capstone award. Their abstract to the ASM General Meeting has been accepted and Jason will be presenting at this meeting in New Orleans this year.
  • Dr. Mamta Rawat received a National Science Foundation award of $576,000 for her research proposal involving undergraduate students: RUI: Thiols in Cyanobacteria
  • Dr. Mamta Rawat received a National Institutes of Health grant of $300,000 to study Bacillithiol metabolism in Staphylococcus aureus.

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