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Biotechnology Faculty & Research


Cory Brooks,, Chemistry Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Victoria
  • Research Activities: X-ray crystallography and protein engineering; Single domain antibodies for the detection and treatment of Listeria monocytogenes; Structure based engineering of therapeutic antibodies for cancer treatment.

Jason A. Bush,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of British Columbia
  • Research Activities: Genetics and Cellular Biology; Cell culture; molecular and cell biology of cancer progression/metastasis; membrane/cytoskeletal regulation of cell movement; anti-cancer drug treatment; SNP/mutational analyses; comparative/quantitative proteomics and mass spectrometry

John Bushoven,, Plant Science Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Rhode Island
  • Research Activities: Nitrogen and carbon partitioning in grasses and the development of plant tissue culture methodologies

Alejandro Calderon-Urrea,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. Yale University
  • Research Activities: Molecular genetics of programmed cell death (PCD) in plants; Use of PCD in plant biotechnology; PCD during sex determination in plants; Transgenic plant development and plant biotechnology; Biofuels and other metabolites from algae

Qiao-Hong Chen,, Chemistry Dept.

  • Ph.D. Sichuan University, China
  • Research Activities: Development of macrolide-based microtubule stabilizing agents for the treatment of multi-drug resistance cancer; Development of improved analogs of dietary natural products for the treatment of hormone-refractory prostate cancer

Paul R. Crosbie,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of California, Davis
  • Research Activities: Host-parasite interactions; parasite life history strategies, population ecology, and disease ecology; impacts of parasitism on host populations; ectoparasitic and free-living arthropod taxonomy and systematics; arthropod vectored diseases; molecular approaches to parasite identification, systematics, and population genetics; protozoal endoparasites of insects

Laurent Dejean,, Chemistry Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Bordeaux
  • Research Activities: The focus of my research is to understand the mechanisms that underlie and control the release of mitochondrial proteins during both physiological and pathophysiological conditions.

Erin Dormedy,, Food Science and Nutrition Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Research Activities: Intervention methods for the control of foodborne pathogens, food safety and biosecurity, HACCP implementation and validation, development of HACCP intervention methods, food industry outreach and technology transfer

Andrew Fenton,, Philosophy Dept.

  • Ph.D. Dalhousie University
  • Research Activities: Ethics, Bioethics, Animal Ethics, Philosophy of Autism

Dennis Ferris,, Food Science and Nutrition Dept.

  • Ph.D. Kansas State University
  • Research Activities: Sensory Evaluation, Waste Management; Food Processing; Quality Assurance; Product Development

Andrew Fiala,, Philosophy Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
  • Research Activities: Bioethics

Dave Goorahoo,, Plant Science Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Guelph
  • Research Activities:Nutrient and water use efficiency in vegetable crop production systems. Works closely with research staff of the Center for Irrigation Technology on campus on "Ag-Environ" projects aimed at investigating the interaction between agriculture and the environment, with emphasis on the impact of various agricultural practices on the San Joaquin Valley 's air, soil and water resources

Joy Goto,, Chemistry Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
  • Research Activities: Neurobiochemistry; Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism of environmental neurotoxin exposure and neuronal degeneration; Oxidative stress and metal ion homeostasis; Mammalian neuronal cultures for protein studies of Alzheimer's Disease

Karine Gousset,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of California, Davis
  • Research Activities: Study and characterization of the role of tunneling nanotubes, a novel mechanism for functional connectivity between cells, in the spreading of viruses, misfolded protein aggregates leading to neurodegenerative diseases, or in the exchange of information in cancer cells.

Krish Krishnan,, Chemistry Dept.

  • Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science
  • Research Activities: Biophysical Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics, Biomolecular NMR, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

David Lent,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Arizona
  • Research Activities: Neuroethology and neurobiology; adaptive behaviors and neural plasticity; insect cognition; focus on obtaining novel insights into behavior and neural mechanisms underlying spatial processing, learning and memory, and navigation; investigating how multimodal sensory cues are utilized and integrated; comparative studies of spatial behaviors and corresponding brain structures.

Eric Liguori,, Management Dept.

  • Ph.D. Louisiana State University
  • Research Activities: Entrepreneurship Education, Business Model Generation, Idea-to-market, Feasibility and Commercialization

Prudence Lowe,, Computer Science Dept.

  • PharmD, University of California, San Francisco
  • Research Activities: Computer programming, bioinformatics

Santanu Maitra,, Chemistry Dept.

  • Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from University of Nevada, Reno
  • Research Activities: Organic chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, green chemistry, infectious diseases, neuro and cardiovascular diseases

Ulrike Müller,, Biology Dept.

  • PhD. University of Groningen
  • Research Activities: Biomechanics of animal locomotion; fish swimming, animal flight, bio fluid mechanics; ontogenetic development of locomotion, biochemical implications of ontogenetic development and niche shifts in aquatic organisms; science communication

Mamta Rawat,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. Louisiana State University
  • Research Activities: Medical Microbiology; Molecular pathogenesis and pathogenomics; Drug resistance; Biochemistry and the role of thiols in microorganisms; Stress response of microorganisms; Bioremediation capacity of actinomycetes

Larry G. Riley, Jr.,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Hawaii
  • Research Activities: Vertebrate physiology and endocrinology: Investigating linkages between environmental challenges and the endocrine control of growth, appetite, and metabolism

Joseph Ross,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Washington
  • Research Activities: Evolutionary genetics and development in Caenorhabditis nematodes, particularly with regard to reproductive isolation and species formation, using molecular, biochemical, genetic and genomic/bioinformatic approaches

Anil Shrestha,, Plant Science Dept.

  • Research Activities: Integrated vegetation management in agricultural and non-agricultural systems, weed biology and ecology; crop-weed competition; herbicide-resistance management; environmental aspects of vegetation management; cropping systems; agroecology; conservation tillage; IPM; and organic farming

Timothy Stearns,, Management Dept.

  • D.B.A. Indiana University
  • Research Activities: Nascent entrepreneurs, technology entrepreneurs

Brian Tsukimura,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Hawaii
  • Research Activities: Comparative Physiology, Invertebrate Physiology, Crustacean Biology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Chemical Mediators Regulating Yolk Protein formation, Endocrine disrupters and amphibians, Invasive species

Alice Wright,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. University of Michigan
  • Research Activities: Bioremediation, microbial physiology, metagenomics, comparative genomics, molecular studies of the metabolism of xenobiotics and agrichemicals in microorganisms, molecular assessment of microbial ecology and diversity

Hwan Youn,, Biology Dept.

  • Ph.D. Seoul National University
  • Research Activities: Molecular biology, bacteriology; bacterial genetic responses to environmental cues, especially gases; genetic, biochemical and genomic approaches to the roles of bacterial proteins as transcription factors