Department Faculty - Alphabetical Listing

Active Chemistry Faculty
    Name   Rank Discipline(s)
    Saeed Attar, Ph.D.   Professor Organic
    Cory L. Brooks, Ph.D   Assistant Professor Biochemistry
    Teresa Brooks, M.S.   Lecturer General & Education
    Qiao-Hong Chen, Ph.D.   Associate Professor Organic
    Saihong Chen, M.S.   Lecturer General
    Jai-Pil Choi, Ph.D.   Associate Professor Analytical
    James Ciula, Ph.D.   Lecturer Organic
    Kristina Closser, Ph.D.   Assistant Professor Computational, Theoretical, Physical
    Laurent Dejean, Ph.D.   Associate Professor Biochemistry
    Dermot Donnelly, Ph.D.   Assistant Professor  Chemical Education
    Ingrid Fellows, Ph.D.   Lecturer Organic
    Joseph Gandler, Ph.D.   Professor General & Education, Organic
    Melissa Golden, Ph.D.   Associate Professor Inorganic
    Joy J. Goto, Ph.D.   Professor, Chair Biochemistry
    Andrea Gray, Ph.D.   Lecturer Biochemistry
    Alam Hasson, Ph.D.   Professor, Associate Dean Physical
    Katie Heredia, M.S.   Lecturer General
    Justine Kombarakkaran, Ph.D.   Lecturer Physical
    Krish Krishnan, Ph.D.   Professor, Graduate Coordinator Physical, Analytical, Biochemistry
    Kalyani Maitra, Ph.D.   Assistant Professor Organic, Chemical Biology
    Santanu Maitra, Ph.D.   Associate Professor Organic
    Panaela Mejloumian, M.S.   Lecturer General, Organic
    Hubert Muchalski, Ph.D.   Assistant Professor  Organic
    Kin Ng, Ph.D.   Professor Analytical
    Eric Person, Ph.D.   Professor Analytical, Forensic
    Mike Ray, M.S.   Lecturer General
    Thomas Stratman, M.S.   Lecturer General
    Sammy Tamras, M.S.   Lecturer General
    Salvador Vazquez, M.S.   Lecturer General & Organic
    Bao Vue, M.S.   Lecturer General & Organic
    Pahoua Xiong, M.S.   Lecturer General

Emeriti and Retired Faculty
  Name Rank Discipline(s)  
  Sydney Bluestone, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Physical  
  David L. Frank, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus General Chemistry, and Chemical Education  
  Helen J. Gigliotti, Ph.D. Professor Emerita Biochemistry  
  Barry Gump, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Analytical, Enology  
  George B. Kauffman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus General & Educational, History of Chemistry  
  Donald K. Kunimitsu, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Biochemistry  
  Ron Marhenke, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Organic  
  Barbara Mayer, Ph.D. Professor Emerita Organic  
  C. Dean Mitchell, Ph. D. Professor Emeritus Organic, Toxicology  
  Howard Ono, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus General & Education, Biochemistry  
  Stephen Rodemeyer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Organic  
  Kenneth Russell, Ph. D. Professor Emeritus Inorganic  
  Jose Sy, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus Biochemistry  
  Joe D. Toney, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Inorganic  
  Alex Vavoulis, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus General Chemistry  
  Kin Ping Wong, Ph.D. Dean Emeritus Biochemistry  
  David Zellmer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus General & Education, Analytical  
  Stanley M. Ziegler, Ph.D. Associate Dean Emeritus Physical