Teaching Assistants

The Chemistry Department offers qualified graduate students the opportunity to work as teaching assistants for general chemistry and natural science laboratory and activity courses.  Teaching assistants also staff the tutoring center in S-382.

Table 1: Chemistry Department Teaching Assistants
Name e-Mail
Ali Abed  
James Baroi jamesbaroi@mail.fresnostate.edu
Irina Boginski  
Ryan Brost  
Candice Cortney  
Pedro Diaz-Parga  
Dalton Ell  
Randy Espinoza  
Naveen Gokanapudi  
Jacob Guerra  
Anthony Hinde ahinde@mail.fresnostate.edu
Vinay Kumar  
Diep Le  
Quang Le  
Xiang Li  
Joshua Miedema  
Derek Morrelli  
Monikaben Nimvat  
Manee Patanapongpibul  
Stephen Richards  
Jaideep Singh  
Julie Steele jewelssteele@mail.fresnostate.edu
Ryan Umar ryanrbigger@mail.fresnostate.edu
Justin Vang yasxayas@mail.fresnostate.edu
Divine Yang