Undergraduate Research at Fresno State

The Fresno State Chemistry Department strongly endorses undergraduate research as one of the potentially most rewarding aspects of your undergraduate experience.

Where to Start?

CHEM 190 (Independent Study) is the usual mechanism through which undergraduate students get involved in research at Fresno State.  It may be taken for credit as many times as desired but may be counted for no more than 6 hours total credit toward graduation in either the B.A. or B.S. curriculum.

Students interested in becoming involved in a research project should:

  • Visit faculty at their offices to discuss ongoing research opportunities and to secure a position in their research laboratory.
  • Obtain a “pink” sheet and a permission number from the Chemistry Office (Science 380) to register for CHEM 190.

What are the requirements for completing CHEM 190?

Some professors ask for a commitment of a minimum number of semesters of research.  The time to begin research varies with the student needs and the faculty member’s requirements.  The projects described to you by faculty members are part of long-range programs underway in their research groups.

Almost all of the time devoted to CHEM 190 is spent in the laboratory, or search for and reading chemical literature (library or online).  There are no examinations or homework assignments. Research students are usually also invited to the weekly meetings of the research group and occasionally have the opportunity to make an oral presentation of their research progress.

At the end of your final semester of enrollment in CHEM 190, you must submit a concise, well-written, comprehensive, and well-documented Research Report.  This report should include a statement of the basis for the research undertaken, a summary of the results obtained, using text, figures, and tables as appropriate, and a statement of the conclusions reached. The format and style recommended by the American Chemical Society (ACS) is usually followed.