GAUSS (Graduate and Undergraduate Students Seminar)

Upcoming Seminars for Fall Semester

Unless otherwise noted, the Fall Semester GAUSS talks will be on Fridays at 4:00PM in S2 308.

December 5, 2014; 4:00PM in S2 308: Samuel Macneil (Fresno State Student)

Title: Recounting the rationals

Abstract: A new way of counting the rationals has been recently discovered by Calkin and Wilf. It relies on very simple arithmetic and on a really clever recursive function.

This work will be discussed in this talk, as it appears in Proofs from The Book, and the American Mathematical Monthly 107 (2000).

December 5, 2014; 4:30PM in S2 308: Tamas Forgacs (Fresno State)

Prof. Forgacs will give a presentation on the Fourier transform. The goal of the presentation is to test out an idea recently proposed at a conference for revitalizing complex analysis.


If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact the Mathematics Department  at 559.278.2992 or e-mail Requests should be made at least one week in advance of the event.

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