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Upcoming Seminars for Fall Semester

Unless otherwise noted, the Fall Semester Seminars will be held on Fridays from 11:00am - 11:50am in PB 390.

October 24, 2014; 11:00am in PB 390: Tamas Forgacs (Fresno State)

Title: Classical multiplier sequences: a special class, continuous transformations, and connections to special functions.

Abstract: This talk considers a special class of classical multiplier sequences, which are interpolated by either logarithmic functions, or `power' functions of the form f(z)=(z+a)^s/ Γ(z+1), where a and s are in R. After presenting some results and problems which remain open, we discuss the notion of continuous transformation of a classical multiplier sequence (in one or more parameters), and highlight some unexpected, but beautiful connections between classical multiplier sequences, Laguerre polynomials, and hypergeometric functions.

10/31 Tamas Forgacs
11/14 Douglas Singleton
11/21 Carmen Caprau
12/05 Marat Markin


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