Seminar Series

Upcoming Seminars for Fall Semester

Unless otherwise noted, the Fall Semester Seminars will be held on Fridays from 11:00am - 11:50am in PB 390.

October 31, 2014; 11:00am in PB 390: Tamas Forgacs (Fresno State)

Title: The nonexistence of cubic Legendre multiplier sequences.

Abstract: In this talk I will describe the work I did with three students in the Fresno State REU during the summer of 2013. We proved that there are no cubic polynomials which interpolate cubic Legendre multiplier sequences (LMS). In addition, we provided a new method to decide whether a given polynomial p(x) interpolates a LMS, and used it to reprove the fact that there are no linear LMS. I will discuss the current use of this newly developed method in a paper I am writing with A. Piotrowski and M. Chasse.

11/14 Douglas Singleton
11/21 Carmen Caprau
12/05 Marat Markin


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