Faculty and Undergraduate Research Student Teams

We are now accepting applications from faculty-student research teamsFurst Logo for the 2014 FURST program. This program aims to involve faculty and students at primarily undergraduate institutions in collaborative mathematics research. Students involved in FURST get a chance to (i) experience mathematics outside the classroom, (ii) improve their mathematical and presentation skills, (iii) participate in a scientific exchange while making professional connections, and get informed about various career options. Faculty involved in FURST will get a chance to (i) build collaborative research connections, (ii) work with research students, and (iii) incorporate undergraduate mentoring into their fall teaching schedule. This is the inaugural year of the program. We will make awards to teams proposing to conduct research in the areas of 

  1. Finite Geometries, and
  2. Knot and Link Invariants and their Ramifications.

FURST promotes the increased involvement of faculty and students in the research enterprise by

  • providing the logistical support for calendar-year long research projects at primarily undergraduate institutions
  • setting up a one month immersion of teams at sites of existing REU programs, where students share their research with the REU students and participate in ongoing REU programs such as colloquia and workshops
  • providing faculty with a month long intensive, on-site research collaboration with colleagues.

In line with these objectives, FURST awards grants to research teams consisting of a faculty member and two students, to assist such teams in completing prolonged research projects. The program targets teams led by junior faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions across the United States, and students selected by these faculty. We encourage applications from teams at minority serving institutions and undergraduate institutions, but will accept and evaluate all received proposals. FURST is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant #DMS-1156273. 

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For a list of application materials and to complete the application process, please follow the Application link on the left.