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2015 Graduation Dinner:

  • The Class of 2015
  • Outstanding TAs - Max Bright and Jaryd Ulbricht
  • Ty Joseph, Margarita Perry, and Dr. Ray Hall Preparing the awards.
  • Don Williams of our Physics Outreach

Congrats to our own Dr. Gao, for receiving the Provost's Award for Research, Scholarship and Creative Accomplishment!

Fresno State's station at Sierra Remote Observatories has been accepted into the GW-EM (gravitational wave-electromagnetic) Follow-Up Program of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC).

This means that when the LIGO (Laser Interferometric Gravitational-wave Observatory) starts making observations in 2015, they will contact Dr. Ringwald here at Fresno State whenever they detect gravitational waves in the northern sky. We will then point our telescope at the Sierra Remote Observatory at this, to see if visible light can be detected from it. Gravitational waves may come from supernovae (exploding stars), pulsars (dead cinders of stars), merging pairs of black holes, or who knows what.

This is a big opportunity for Fresno State, as it provides opportunities for doing cutting-edge science, in a way in which our students can participate.

Upcoming Events:

SPS Zone 18 Meeting April 18-19 at CSU Long Beach - Contact Doug Singleton to attend with the Fresno State contingent.

SLAC Summer Institute August 4-15.  Contact Doug Singleton to attend with the Fresno State contingent.


New Publications:

Dr. Doug Singleton published a paper with Dr. E. Guendelman (Ben Gurion U., Israel; a visiting scholar in the Phys. Dept. in Spring 2014) in the journal JHEP on a possible modification of the gauge principle.

James Macdougall and Douglas Singleton have published:

"Stokes' Theorem, Gauge Symmetry and the Time-Dependent Aharonov-Bohm Effect" (scroll down to bottom of that page) J.Math. Phys.,55, 042101 (2014)) is one of the "Most Read This Month" (April 2014) articles for J. Math. Phys.

Douglas Singleton, Elias Vagenas, & Tao Zhu have published:

"Self-similarity, conservation of entropy/bits and the black hole information puzzle", JHEP 05, 074 (2014)) which is the Journal of High Energy Physics. This article was based on Dr. Singleton's 4th place essay in the FQXi (Foundational Questions Institute) essay contest "It from Bit or from It?"


Our Colloquium Schedule (finished for the spring semester) is available through this link.



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