The Lyles College of Engineering Advisory Board provides the Faculty of the Engineering and construction Programs, the Dean of the Lyles College of Engineering and the President of California State University, Fresno with

an evaluation of the quality of and demand for the graduates of the Engineering and Construction programs, an appraisal of the appropriateness of the research and public service provided to the community, the region, and the state by the Engineering and Construction Programs, and support for the Engineering and Construction Programs;

guidance and assistance on: the development of the Engineering and Construction Programs, facilitates cooperation among individual community, governmental groups, professional organizations, practicing professionals, and the students and faculty of the programs, maintaining accredited, quality Engineering and Construction education at California State University, Fresno, developing technologies, and means for the faculty to maintain a current status in these and an appraisal of the demands that will develop in the region for technical assistance from the programs.


External Advisory Board

Rick Ransom (BSCE 1977), Chair
President and CEO of Brooks Ransom Associates, Fresno, CA

Mike Burson, Vice Chair
President, Lyles Construction Group, Fresno, CA

Tony Akel
President, Akel Engineering, Fresno, CA

Ryan Carlson
Mechanical Engineer, TaylorTeter Partnership, Fresno, CA

Ken Meme
Chief Operations Officer, Towill Inc.

Greg Millar
CTO, Senior Vice President, Scheider Electric, Clovis, CA

Chuck Osberg
Aft Deck Program Manager, Northrop Grumman, CA

Joseph Pickett
President, Pickett and Sons, Fresno, CA

Anthony Rubino
412th Operations Group Technical Advisor, Edwards Air Force Base

Kim Anderson
Program Manager, Caltrans, Fresno, CA

Diana Gomez

Chief, Office of System Management, Caltrans, Sacramento, CA

Roxanne Greenwood
Executive Director, Central California Builders Exchange

Kimberly Hudson

Kate King

Michael Patton
Patton Sheet Metal Works, Fresno, CA

Jose Ramirez
City Manager, Firebaugh, CA