Special Major

Special Major in Architectural Studies (60 units)

The Architectural Studies major may be earned through the Special Major for the Bachelor of Science Degree program, as described in the General Catalogue under Degree Requirements. This special major consists of correlated studies in two or more fields, such as Construction Management (architecture related courses) and Art or Urban Planning. The minimum requirement for this special major is 60 units, and at least 36 of these units must be upper-division work. Units applied to General Education requirements are not counted towards this special major in Architectural Studies, however some specific General Education courses, such as PHYS 2A, may be prerequisites for technical courses. Also, a maximum of six independent study units may be included in this special major in Architectural Studies. (Any exception to this limit must be approved by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.) Students wishing to major in Architectural Studies will meet with the Architectural Studies Coordinator or the Chair of the Department of Construction Management to design an appropriate course of study, and then will submit an application (obtained at the Office of Advising Services) to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval. In this application students must:

  • Prepare a statement giving their reasons for desiring a special major in terms of academic and professional goals and state why these goals cannot be met through a standard major,
  • Present a specific list of courses that lead to the stated academic and professional goals,
  • Secure the signed approval from the Office of Advising Services, as well as from the special major adviser and department chairs in the areas from which the special major courses are drawn.

Students who wish to continue studying Architecture on the graduate level or who plan to pursue licensure in Architecture are strongly advised to apply for a Special Major in Architectural Studies.

Contact the Department of Construction Management for more information about this special major.

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