Emeriti Faculty

James Matheny, Ph.D.,
University of Texas
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

James Crossfield, Ph.D., PLS
University of Wisconsin Madison
Geomatics Engineering

Fareed Nader, Ph.D.,PLS
Purdue University West Lafayette
Land Surveying, Catastral Surveying

Mohammad Yousef, Ph.D., P.E.,
University of California Berkeley
Civil Engineering

Satya D. Mahanty, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
Mechanical Engineering

Medhat Ibrahim, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Larry Owens, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prakash Mahajan, Ph.D., University of Texas Arlington
Mechanical and Indusrtrial Engineering

Masud Mansuri, Ph.D., North Carolina State University
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Karl Longley, Sc.D., Johns Hopkins University
Civil Engineering

Fareed Nader, Ph.D., Purdue University
Geomatics Engineering

Joesph Battenberg, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Chandra Brahma, Ph.D., Ohio State University
Civil Engineering

Shyhming Chang, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Mechanical Engineering

Frank Gioshi, Ed.D., University of Missouri
Construction Management

Joseph Kao, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Civil Engineering

Dennis Kuzma, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Mechanical Engineering

Mushtaq Hussain, Ph.D., University of Washington
Geomatics Engineering

Hamo Lalehzarian, Ph.D., University of Texas Arlington
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Jospeh Plunkett, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Robert Regier, Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Roland Walter, Ph.D., Stanford University
Civil Engineering

Walid Rimawi, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Civil Engineering

Elden Shaw, Ph.D., Stanford University
Dean Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jankie Supersad, Ph.D., Arizona State University
Civil Engineering


Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty Expertise and Areas of Interest

Faculty areas of interest are listed below by department.

Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering

Jesus Larralde, Ph.D.,P.E., Purdue University West Lafayette
Materials, Transportation

Lubo Liu, Ph.D., University of South Carolina
Water Resources, Environmental Engineering

Riyadh Munjy, Ph.D.,P.E., University of Washington
Remote Sensing, Geomatic Engineering

William Wright, Ph.D., P.E., University of California Davis
Environmental Engineering

Ching Choo, Ph.D., University of Kentucky
Structural Engineering

Fariborz Tehrani, Ph.D,,P.E., University of California Los Angeles
Structura, Geotechnical Engineering

Fayzul Pasha, Ph.D., P.E.
Water Resources

Construction Management

Manoochehr Zoghi, Ph.D., P.E., University of Cincinnati
Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management

Yupeng Vivien Luo, Ph.D, Pennsylavania State University
Architectural Engineering, Sustainability

Lloyd Crask, M.S., P.E.
Heavy Civil Construction, Construction Management

Brad Hyatt, M.S., P.E., University of Texas
Construction Management, Sustainability

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nagy Bengiamin, Ph.D., University of Calgary
Control Systems, Robotics and Power Systems

Daniel Bukofzer, Ph.D., University of California Davis
Wireless Communications, Statistical Signal Processing

Albert Heaney, Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Fault Tolerant Computing, Fuzzy Systems,  Digital Systems

Peter Kinman, Ph.D., University of Missouri-Rolla
Radio-Frequency Interference Analysis and Telecommunications Design

Gregory Kriehn, Ph.D., University of Colorado
Optoelectronics, Optical Signal Processing

Youngwook Kim, Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
RF Electronics, Microwaves

Ramakrishna Nunna, Ph.D., University of Louisiana Lafayette
VLSI Circuits and Systems, Computer Architecture

Charles Won, Ph.D. Oregon State University
Wireless Sensor Networks, Embeded Systems

Reza Raeisi, Ph.D. University of Cincinnati
Digital Systems, Embedded Systems

Zoulikha Muffak, Ph.D, University of Houston

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Gemanu Happawana, Ph.D
Applied Mechanics, Vibrations, Control Systems

Walter Loscutoff, Ph.D., University of California Berkeley
Controls, Mechanics, Energy Systems

Walter Mizuno, M.S.,  University of California Berkeley
Mechanical Design, Systems Design, Thermodynamics and Combustion

Michael Jenkins, Ph.D., University of Washington
Materials Engineering

The Nguyen, Ph.D., University of Toledo
Dynamics, Smart Materials, Control Systems


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Dean, Ram Nunna

Associate Dean, Jesus Larralde 

Administrative Services Lead, Zaida Reyna

Directors of Development
     Kent Karsevar

     Caty Perez

Pathways: Student Services Director, Hernan Maldonado

Dean's Office Administrative Support, Syreeta Martinez

Assistant to Director of Development, Sue Oldham


Director MESA MSP, Beatrice Prieto

Outreach Coordinator, Rick Chacon

Computer Services , Kong Lee

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