Faculty & Staff

The Department's full-time faculty have academic credentials that cover the major areas of the mechanical engineering discipline. In addition, all the faculty are active practitioners with academic, industrial and government experience making them capable of assisting students to develop professional skills as well as capable of advising/mentoring students in career matters.

ME Faculty Retreat Zoo

        ME Faculty at Annual Retreat (Fresno Chaffee Zoo) holding paintings        
         rendered individually for each professor by Kara, a Malaysia elephant


Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty


 Assistant Professor Sankha BanerjeeSankha Banerjee, PhD

Assistant Professor


 (PhD-Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick)


 Teaching: UG: ME01 Intro to Mechanical Engineering
                          ME31 Intro to Engineering Materials,                                                                
                          ME32 Intro to Engineering Materials Lab


Research: Materials, Nanotechnology, Piezomaterials, Graphene
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GhazinejadMaziar Ghazinejad, PhD 
Assistant Professor

 (PhD-University of California, Riverside)

 Teaching: UG: ME144 Advanced Mechanics of Materials,                               
                          ME154 Design of Machine Elements,
                          ME164 Mechanical Systems Integration

Research: Mechanics, Materials, Nanotechnology, Graphene
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HappawanaGemunu S. Happawana, PhD 
Professor and Chair

(PhD-Purdue University, West Lafayette)

Teaching: UG: ME112 Dynamics,
                          ME 115 Instrumentation and Measurement Lab, 
                           ME122 Controls, ME 142 Mechanical Vibration,
                    G: ENGR 202 Applied Engineering Analysis, ME291T Vehicle    
                         Dynamics, ME 211 Advanced Dynamics
Research: Systems, Dynamics, Vibrations, Controls
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JenkinsMichael G. Jenkins, PhD, PE
Assessment/Accreditation Coordinator

(PhD-University of Washington, Seattle)

Teaching: UG: ME01 Freshman Engineering,
                   ME02 Computer Applications, ME31 Eng Materials,
                   ME32 Eng Mat Lab, ME95 Product Development,
                   ME 144 Advanced Mechanics of Materials, 
                   ME 154 Design Machine Elements, ME 164 Machine Design
                   G: ME 215 Design Optimization of Engineering Systems, 
                          ME 241 Structural Analysis (Probabilistic Design)
Research Interests: Materials, Mechanics (Fracture, Fatigue, Damage), Standards/Codes, Brittle Materials including CMCs
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Assistant Professor Deify LawDeify Law, PhD
Assistant Professor

(PhD-Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Teaching: UG: ME116 Fluid Mechanics, ME118 Fluid Mechanics Lab
                   ME136 Thermodynamics
Research Interests: Multiscale Modeling, Two-phase Flows, CFD, Energy Design
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LoscutoffWalter V. Loscutoff, PhD
Professor Emeritus in Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP)
ME Graduate Coordinator

(PhD-University of California, Berkeley)

Teaching: ME01 Freshman Engineering,
                  ME31 Eng Materials, ME112 Dynamics,  
                  ENGR 101 Applied Engineering Analysis I, 
                  ENGR 105W Engineering and Entrepreneurship
Research: Controls, Mechanics, Energy Systems
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Nguyen FacultyThe M. Nguyen, PhD
Assistant Professor 

(PhD-University of Toledo)

Teaching: ME02 Comp Applications, ME26 Eng Graphics,
                  ME 115 Instrumentation and Measurement Lab, 
                  ME 134 Fundamentals of Machine Design, 
                  ME 135 Engineering Product Design, 
                  ME 155 Elements of Systems Design
Research: Controls, Mechatronics, Advanced Materials
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WeerasingheAjith A. Weerasinghe, PhD
Assistant Professor 

(PhD-Sheffield Hallam University)

Teaching: ME145 Heat Mass Transfer,
                  ME156 Advanced Thermodynamics,
                  ME 166 Energy Systems Engineering Design
Research: Alternative Energy Systems, Solar Cells, Life Cycle Analysis
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Mizuno PhotoWalter Mizuno

(MSME-University of California, Berkeley)

Teaching: ME134 Dynamics of Machinery, ME 146 Air Conditioning, 
                   ME 154 Design of Machine Elements, 
                   ME 155 Elements of Systems Design, 
                   ME 159 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, 
                   ME 162 Computer-Aided Design, ME 164 Machine Design
Research Interests: Mechanical Design, Systems Design, Thermodynamics & Combustion, HVAC

Lial PhotoEdbertho Leal-Quiros, PhD 

(PhD-University of Missouri-Columbia)

 UG: ME 125 Engineering Statistics and Experimentation, 
                  ME 136 Thermodynamics, ME 145 Heat and Mass Transfer, 
                  ME 156 Advanced Thermodynamics
                   G: ME291T Power Systems and Renewable Energy
Research Interests: Energy Systems, Plasma, Renewables, Environment


Zhao Photo Jiaxin Zhao, PhD 

(PhD-Purdue University, West Lafayette)
Teaching: ME26 Eng Graphics, ME118 Fluids Lab
Research Interests: Fluid Mechanics, Computer-Aided Design

Alimi PhotoMohammad Alimi, PhD

(PhD, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)

Teaching: ME29 Statics and Dynamics, ME112 Dynamics,
                   ME140 Numerical Methods
Research Interests:Engineering Mechanics, Structures, Numerical Methods, FEA, Engineering Management


GangbinDerick Gangbin
Engineering Technician III

 Duties: Lab technician, machinist



Nimat Davis    Nimat Davis
Administrative Support Coordinator

Duties: Reception, Student Files, Expense Tracking, Purchase Orders, Scheduling