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Solutions Center


Solutions Center is an industry-academic-government partnership within the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Lyles College of Engineering at California State University, Fresno.  Solutions Center is a proven concept in engineering education, fostering innovative, technical collaborations with business, industry, and government agencies. The Center brings real-world projects to undergraduate students in mechanical engineering at California State University, Fresno, where integrated teams of 3 to 7 undergraduate students, a faculty advisor, and an industry point person develop workable solutions.  Student teams work on selected projects in two modes:

a) Senior Design Capstone Project: Projects take place in two consecutive semesters within two linked courses (ME135 and ME155) and deliver tested, functional hardware and documentation to the sponsor at the completion of the project. 

b) Embedded Project: Projects take place in one semester within a single course and typically deliver documentation to the sponsor at the completion of the project. 


Some Projects in Action

  • Material Handling Robotic Arm
    Senior Design Capstone Project (AY2018-19) involving the Fabricaton of a Robotic Arm for Material Handling sponsored internally by Dr Sanka Banerjee and Partner-led.  Student team members included Dalton Alexander Uhlir; Mehakpreet Sandhu; Pablo Garcia McHenry; Rossana Andrea Aguilar. 
  • Battery Switching
    Senior Design Capstone Project (AY2018-19) involving A battery Switching Unit for Club Cars sponsored externally by EPSIM Corporation and Partner-led by Nils Tellier.  Student team members included Adrian Avila;  Karina Meza;  Samuel Aleman III;  Thomas Anthony Mertens.
  • Materials Handling
    Senior Design Capstone Project (AY2018-19) involving A Material Handling Device for Kawneer Company sponsored externally by Kawneer Company and Partner-led by Lee Bawanan.  Student team members included Adithya Keshav Mohan; Amanda Nuckols; Apolinar Quintero; Dylan Mikael Joboian.
  • CNC Plasma Cutter
    Senior Design Capstone Project (AY2018-19) involving A CNC Plasma Cutter Table sponsored internally by
    Dr. Gemunu Happawana and Partner-led.  Student team members included Bryant Alexander Pennebaker; Christopher Charles Doda; Elvis Alejandro Pizano.
  • ElectroSpinning
    Senior Design Capstone Project (AY2018-19) involving A Tabletop Electro-spinning device for Smart Fabrics in Energy Harvesting sponsored sponsored internally by Dr Sanka Banerjee and Partner-led.   Student team members included Andrew Mariano Arballo II; Angel Manuel Deleon; Derek D Riley Jr; Yoftahe lyasu Petros.
  • HPV projctt
    Senior Design Capstone Project involved the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Competition (HPVC) that challenges students to use modern engineering tools, advanced materials and teamwork to solve a design problem with realistic constraints and requirements.
  • Hovercraft
    Senior Design Capstone Projects included a Hovercraft Project that allowed students, faculty and staff to examine the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of this non conventional mode of transportation.
  • Sr Capstone Design
    Senior Design Capstone Projects provide culminating experiences for teams of students who bring a variety of backgrounds and talents to bear on a common problem to produce a consensus solution.


Posters of Previous Projects