Lyles College of Engineering offers numerous scholarships to both incoming and continuing students. In addition to these scholarships, students may also apply for scholarships offered by many companies and engineering and construction management professional organizations.

2016 Scholarships

Honors Scholarships:
The Lyles College of Engineering Honors Scholarships are awarded to students who gain admission into the Lyles College of Engineering’s (LCOE) Honors Program. The LCOE Honors Program emphasizes academic excellence, leadership, service, global perspective, entrepreneurship and innovation.

An Honors Scholarship covers full in-state tuition renewable annually based on academic performance, for four-years for entering freshmen and two-years for transfer students.

Scholarship recipients will have access to individualized learning options, research projects, interaction with industry leaders and opportunities for internships and hands-on learning. Minimum general requirements for consideration for Honors Scholarships are:

  • SAT of 1,800 (critical reading, math, and writing)
  • 3.8 grade-point average

While the requirements are generally accepted as the minimum, should you believe that your work and abilities merit our consideration, you should apply and provide adequate documentation.

The Lyles Legacy Scholarships:
The Lyles Legacy Scholarships are scholarships of up to a total of $10,000 for entering freshmen and up to $6,000 for entering transfer students, renewable annually based on academic performance. Applicants shall be residents of one of the following counties: Fresno, Kings, Kern, Merced, Madera, Tulare, and Stanislaus.

Scholarship applications are currently closed, but please please feel free to review the Honors Program and last year's application forms here. 

Additional Scholarships 

The Lyles College of Engineering offers additional scholarships each year. Apply via the University's scholarship page here.