VIP Program Application

Applications will be available beginning on Friday, January 22nd in Engineering East Room 162 and Engineering East Room 356.

Applications are due to Engineering East Room 162 or Engineering East Room 356 by 5 pm on Monday, March 14th.

This semester the complete application package consists of 5 items:

  1. The VIP Application
  2. An Unofficial Copy of Your Transcript
  3. A Roadmap of Your Remaining Classes (See below attachment)
  4. A Cover Letter addressed to the VIP Companies
  5. Your Resume

Application for a Fall 2016 Internship (Starting July 2016)

Roadmap (Required Part of Application) (PDF 206KB)

VIP Program Application Packet (PDF 1.2MB)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the VIP Interim Director

Walter Mizuno