Poor Omie (John Lewis) (Little Omie Wise) [Laws F4]

DESCRIPTION: John Lewis, to free himself of his pregnant sweetheart, offers to marry her but instead plans to drown her. She begs for her life, promising to go begging, but he throws her in the river. The body is found and Lewis imprisoned. (He escapes into the army.)
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: pregnancy homicide rejection prison drowning
1808 - Drowning of Naomi Wise in North Carolina
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cf. "Naomi Wise" [Laws F31] (plot)
cf. "Tragic Romance" (tune)
Naomi Wise
NOTES [35 words]: Cohen, pp. 233-234, has notes on the history of this ballad I have not found elsewhere, including information on another "Nayomy Wise" poem and indications that her reputation may not have been very good. - RBW
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