Dupree [Laws I11]

DESCRIPTION: Betty asks Dupree for a diamond ring; he promises her one. He sets out for the jewelry store and steals a ring, but shoots a policeman as he escapes. Unwilling to leave Betty and/or unable to flee, he is captured, convicted, and hanged
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1930 (recording, Willie Walker)
KEYWORDS: homicide robbery execution
Dec 15, 1921 - Frank Dupree robs an Atlanta jewelry store
Sept. 1, 1922 - Dupree hanged
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cf. "Frank Dupree" [Laws E24] (plot)
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NOTES [33 words]: Not to be confused with "Frank Dupree" [Laws E24]. This one is in blues form and opens with Betty asking for a ring.
According to Cohen, Frank Dupree was the last man legally hanged in Georgia. - RBW
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