Johnny the Sailor (Green Beds) [Laws K36]

DESCRIPTION: Johnny comes from sea and asks the innkeeper for a bed and the chance to see her daughter (Molly). Neither is granted. He reveals that his last trip made him rich; the innkeeper offers him all he asked. He ignores the offer; he will go where he is wanted
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: before 1830 (broadside, Bodleian, Harding B 25(1124))
KEYWORDS: sea money courting greed landlord sailor
FOUND IN: Britain(England(Lond,South),Scotland(Aber)) US(Ap,MW,NE,SE,So) Canada(Mar,Ont) Ireland
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cf. "The Wild Rover No More" (plot)
cf. "The Saucy Sailor (Jack and Jolly Tar II) [Laws K38]"
cf. "Sweet William of Plymouth" (theme: poor sailor returning wealthy, is rejected by sweetheart's parents who think him still poor)
cf. "Snapoo" (plot)
Jack Tar
I'll Tell You of a Story
The Sailor
NOTES [143 words]: Laws's numeration of the ballad subfamily known as "Jackson" is confused. In Native American Balladry he lists it as an American song, with no known relatives, and numbers it as dH40. However, in British Broadsides, he lists it as a version of "Johnny the Sailor." The latter identification is clearly correct, even though Sandburg-TheAmericanSongbag describes his text as a "survivor of the years of the War with Mexico."
Palmer explains the "Green Bed" as an emergency lodging that might be made up by a boarding house -- a temporary bed filled with greenery (hence the name). Lane/Gosbee-SongsOfShipsAndSailors, however, claims it as being an especially fine lodging, perhaps including a bundling companion (even, perhaps, the landlord's daughter).
To be sure, a fine bed might still be filled with green vegetation rather than, say, moldy old hay. - RBW
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