Road to Dundee, The

DESCRIPTION: "Cauld wind was howling o'er moor and o'er mountain" when the singer meets a girl asking her way to Dundee. He says he can't easily tell her, but will show her the way. As they approach the town, they exchange tokens and part. And no, they *don't* marry
AUTHOR: Mackay (per OLochlainn)
EARLIEST DATE: 1906 (GreigDuncan5)
KEYWORDS: travel courting
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber)) Ireland Canada(Newf,Ont)
REFERENCES (7 citations):
Greig #51, p. 2, "The Road to Dundee" (1 text)
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Roud #2300
Jerome Downey, "The Road to Dundee" (on NFJDowney01)
cf. "The Lass o' Glenshee" (tune, per Greig)
File: Ord152

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