Old Man from Over the Sea, The

DESCRIPTION: An old man courts a young woman, whose mother advises her what to do when they are married -- all to no sexual avail.
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: bawdy marriage age
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Randolph-Legman I, pp. 336-339, "The Old Man from Over the Sea" (2 texts, 1 tune)
cf. "Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man"
cf. "Old Man Came Over the Moor, An (Old Gum Boots and Leggings)"
cf. "I Wouldn't Marry an Old Man"
cf. "I Wouldn't Have an Old Man"
cf. "My Husband's Got No Courage in Him"
NOTES [20 words]: Legman provides significant notes on, and references to, ballads about May-December marriages in Randolph-Legman I. - EC
File: RL336

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