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  • Almost one out of every two marriages in the U.S. ends in divorce.
  • One million children each year experience the divorce or separation of their parents.

San Francisco Family Law judge Ina Levin Gyemant recognized the absence of support for children during the divorce process and proposed a program that became Kids’ Turn. The goal of Kids’ Turn is to provide a safe, accessible environment in which children learn to deal with the difficult situations they face as their family reorganizes.

Kids’ Turn helps children understand and cope with the loss, anger and fear that often accompany separation or divorce.

Kids’ Turn awakens parents to the need to support their children during this crisis in their lives, so that at-risk behavior by children is averted.

Kids’ Turn enhances the lives of these children through improved communication and the knowledge they are not alone.

Both mental health professionals and educators were involved in the creation of the Kids’ Turn workshop curriculum. Workshops are comprised of six 90-minute sessions for children ages 0-17 and their parents. Currently, there are separate curricula for children age 4-6, 7-9, and 10-14, and 15-17 and also curriculum for the parents of children in these age groups, as well as an additional curriculum for parents of children age 3 and under. The children's workshops use an educational approach, incorporating age-appropriate games and activities that help children learn most effectively. In the workshops, children ascertain how to identify and communicate their feelings. They talk about family changes, basic concepts about the legal process of divorce and custody, and problem-solving methods for dealing with difficult and/or high conflict situations.

Parents’ groups are run concurrently with the children’s groups (with two parents’ groups to allow each parent to participate separately from their child’s other parent). Parents recognize how to help children cope with the family re-organization, improve parenting skills, and obtain effective communication techniques for co-parenting. Children are enrolled when at least one parent attends.

Kids’ Turn for the Children of Fresno!

Through a grant and help from various sponsor organizations, the Child, Family, and Consumer Sciences Department at California State University, Fresno has become an affiliate of the Kids’ Turn program with the objective of bringing these outstanding and effective workshops to the children and parents in Fresno County. Kids’ Turn is coordinating with the Family Court of the Superior Court of Fresno County, the Family Law Section of the Fresno County Bar Association and Family Court Services.

For information on Kids’ Turn of Fresno County, please call 559-233-2880.