Pump Testing FAQ's

Question: I can't find a pump tester in my area. How can I get my pump tested?
Answer : The Program has no control over the business locations of test companies. A Participating Test Company may be willing to travel some distance if more than one pump test is needed.

Question: My pump company is not on the list of testers. Will their test of my pump qualify as a test for the purpose of a rebate?
Answer : Yes, if the test is done by a known pump test company (or pump service company) and we consider it valid. The test must have accurate measurements of input horsepower, flow rate, and total head. (Again however, they will not qualify for the pump test subsidy.)

Question: My pump tester charged me an additional fee. Doesn't the Program offer the pump test for free?
Answer : The Program offers subsidized pump tests, not free tests. The subsidy is fixed at $200 per test for an electric or natural gas-powered pump that hasn't been tested in the last 4 years, $100 per test for an electric or natural gas-powered pump that hasn't been tested in the last 2 years, and $50 for an electric booster pump tested in series with another pump. Depending on the tester and the situation the subsidy is not sufficient to cover all costs of the pump tester. The pump tester may ask for additional payment. The pump owner and tester need to clearly communicate regarding costs prior to performing the pump test.

Question: The Program refused to pay for my pump test and I have received a bill from my pump tester. Why was payment denied?
Answer : The Program can only reimburse for valid pump tests for pumps of 25 horsepower and above . The criteria for a valid pump test for a water well is that the water levels must be soundable. Only one test per 23 month period per electric- or natural gas-powered pumps can be reimbursed. Finally, the pump must have a good flowmeter test section with a water velocity of one foot per second or greater. Also, no subsidy is available for a test done in conjunction with a real estate transaction or as a mandate of some political entity. If the pump was previously tested at a very low OPE (less than 30% for electric-powered pumps, less than 6% for natural gas-powered pumps, and less than 20% for submersible-type pumps), it will not be subsidized.

Question: Since the Program did not pay for the first pump test (it was an unsoundable well or some other reason) will it reimburse the Participating Pump Test Company for the post test?
Answer : Yes, assuming that now the well can be sounded and the other rules are not broken.  The post-repair test is eligible if a test on that pump has not been previously reimbursed within 23 months, and the test is a valid test (with a well sounding, adequate test section, and water velocity greater than 1 foot per second in the test section).

Question: How much time after the Pump Test is performed do I have to retrofit/repair my pump?
Answer : five years

Question: If I get my pump repaired, who is going to pay for the post-repair pump test?
Answer : Since the Program will only reimburse one test per 23 month period, then the cost of the test will be born by the pump owner.