Adjunct Faculty


Joseph Smilanick

B.Sc. Plant Sciences, UC Davis 1977
M.Sc. Plant Pathology, Colorado State University 1980
Ph.D. Plant Pathology, UC Riverside

Office: USDA Ag Research Service, Parlier, California

Brief Introductory Statement:
Joe Smilanick is a Research Plant Pathologist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Parlier, CA. He completed a B.Sc. in Plant Sciences at UC Davis, and in plant pathology, a M.Sc. At Colorado State University and a Ph.D. at UC Riverside. Most of his work concerns control of pre- and postharvest diseases of table grapes and other fruits, employing approaches that include canopy management, conventional fungicides, biological control, reduced-risk substances, and postharvest fumigant applications. He is an aggressive hands-on experimenter with a long publication record, with an emphasis on technology transfer activities in most projects. He has hosted more than 15 Visiting Scientists in his lab since 1999, and currently has three at this time.