It's time to celebrate the

Class of 2014-2015!

graduate looking in the distance

If you graduated or are graduating Summer 2014,
Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 mark your calendars
with the following information for the
Kremen School of Education and Human Development
Convocation and Hooding Ceremony:

Friday, May 15, 2015 

Convocation and Hooding Ceremony 7:00 pm
To be held at the Save Mart Center
located on Shaw & Chestnut Avenues

Reception from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
To be held at the Smittcamp Alumni House

(preceding the Kremen School Convocation
to be held at the Save Mart Center)

The Kremen School of Education and Human Development is honored to provide these ceremonies for the Liberal Studies Degree, Credential, Wayfinders Certificate, Master's Degree and Doctoral Degree candidates.

We celebrate your accomplishments and extend our congratulations!

Helpful Information about Convocation and other graduation information

Important Kremen School Convocation detailed information for the Liberal Studies, Credential, Wayfinders Certificate, Master's Degree CandidatesandDoctoral Degree Candidates.

Celebration Ceremonies:  All honorees and their guests are invited to the Kremen School of Education and Human Development Reception and Convocation Ceremony.

Place:  The Reception will be held at the Smittcamp Alumni House. The Convocation Ceremony will be held at the Save Mart Center.

Time:  The Reception will begin at 5:00 p.m.  The Convocation will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m., Friday, May 15, 2015. CANDIDATES SHOULD ARRIVE FOR THE CONVOCATION CEREMONY NO LATER THAN 6:15 P.M.

Where to Report:  All candidates must report to the Save Mart Center loading dock for the Convocation Ceremony procession. Guests should enter through the main doors of the arena.

Guests:  There is no restriction on the number of guests a candidate may invite. Guests may not accompany graduates across the stage unless approved by the disability representative.

Please note: Balloons, glass flower vases, etc. are not allowed inside of the Save Mart Center. Refer to for rules.

Attire:  All Liberal Studies, Master's, and Doctoral Degree Candidates should be attired in cap and gown (Be sure to ask the bookstore if you have the correct color for your hood, etc.)

Credential and Wayfinders Certificate candidates should be dressed in business attire. Please note: If you are part of an honors society you are welcome to wear your cords, medallions, etc.

Parking:  You may park on campus without a permit for graduation events.

Photographer:  Ultimate Exposures will be taking photos of all participants. (information will be in the event program)

Hooding of Master's Degree Candidates: For information on proper hooding procedures go to

Hooding of Doctoral Degree Candidates: You will be hooded at the convocation ceremony along with receiving your medallions.

Accessibility: If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please notify us. 

Graduates please call: Kerri Hess at 559.278.0391.

Guests please call: the Save Mart Center at 559.347.3400.

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Caps, gowns, hoods and tassels may be purchased at the Kennel Bookstore.  Please see their website for more information; under "Graduation" at the bottom of the page.  They cannot be ordered online.  Be sure to ask the bookstore if you have the correct color for your hood, etc.  They have a list available.

Honor cords can be purchased in the Kremen School, ED100 for $7.00.  Check or money order payable to Fresno State. No cash will be accepted.

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The reception prior to the Kremen School Convocation is open to you, your family and friends no limit.  It will take place at 5:00 pm at the Smittcamp Alumni house back lawn.  We will serve light hors d'oeuvres so please plan accordingly.

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Filing for GRADUATION For Master Degree Students Only
Students must have a graduation application on file in the Division of Graduate Studies in order to graduate and participate in the ceremony.  We include, Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015 candidates. Degrees are not granted automatically.
        * “Graduate Degree Application” form.
            Downloaded at;
        * $35.00 non-refundable application fee.
        * “Graduate Degree Clearance” form

        * A previously approved “Petition of Advancement to Candidacy” on
          file in the Division of Graduate Studies.
        * A minimum program grade point average of 3.0.

       * For the “Graduate Degree Application” form, the first two weeks
         of the fall and spring semesters, or the first three weeks of the
         first summer session; consult the Class Schedule for exact

         You will need to download the form and bring it to ED 100 in the 
         Kremen Bldg. for signature.  We will then send you to go pay your
         fees and turn in the receipt to the Division of Graduate Studies.  

         If you need special arrangements made, please call the Division of
         Graduate Studies (DGS) at 559.278.2448.  The Kremen School
         Graduate Analyst cannot accept checks via the mail, so you will
         need to make arrangements ahead of time with DGS.

      * For the “Graduate Degree Clearance” form, the last day of
        the semester or final summer term.  The Kremen School will take
        care of this on your behalf with your Project or Thesis or Comp Exam
        Proctor at the end of the semester.

For further procedures refer to the Graduate Coordinator's Handbook.

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Graduate coordinators may inform students who are graduating with distinction (3.9 on all coursework listed on the approved degree program) that this honor is noted on the student’s diploma and official transcript.

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Students needing written confirmation of their degree prior to the posting of the degree may request a Letter of Certification from the Division of Graduate Studies. A small fee is required.

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Coordinators may receive requests from students needing verification that their degree has been posted. Proof of degree granted is available as follows:

     *Transcripts are available immediately upon clearance of the degree
       by the evaluator. However, transcripts showing the degree posted are
       not automatically sent to the student upon graduation. Coordinators
       should refer students to the Public Contact Window in Joyal
       Administration Building, or to the Transcript Office Web site to order a
       transcript. A $4 fee applies for the first transcript requested.
      *If you need information on the expected mailing date of your diploma,
       please contact the Evaluations Office at 559.278.4076.

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The Kremen School Convocation and Hooding Ceremony is held once a year, in the spring, for previous summer and fall graduates and spring applicants. Students whose graduation in the subsequent summer term is guaranteed and who wish to participate in the spring Convocation Ceremony may do so upon written request from the graduate coordinator to the graduate technician in ED 100.

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      *If you are graduating in the summer semester and are eligible to walk
       in ceremony, which is verified by your "APPROVED" Advancement to
       Candidacy, you must have your Program Coordinator or Adviser email
       the Graduate Analyst in ED 100 with your name, ID, program and
       that you wish to walk in ceremony. 

     *The deadline to have your name sent to the Graduate Analyst so
      that your name will be in the program and you will be sent a formal
      invitation.  Any names submitted after that date will still have the
      opportunity to walk in ceremony and have your name
      read, you just will not be listed in the printed program.

      *If you are just walking in ceremony, you must remember to apply to
       graduate during the first two weeks of the summer semester.  The
       applications can be found online on the Division of Graduate Studies
       Website sometime before the first two weeks of the summer

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The Master Degree Clearance form is taken care of on your behalf by your Project, Thesis or Comp Exam Adviser.  The forms are printed by the Graduate Analyst and signed by your Adviser in ED 100.  Please contact your Project, Thesis or Comp Exam Adviser to verify they have signed the form prior to the last day of the semester.  Please note that grades and/or the clearance of your degree do not post for several months in some cases. Please be patient.  They are posted manually and cleared manually by the Division of Graduate Studies.

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If you did not finish the culminating experience to graduate, you will need to make sure that you reapply to graduate during the first two weeks of the semster you plan on finishing.  You MUST be continuously enrolled as a "Matriculated Student" in your culmination experience which will require contacting the Kremen School Graduate Analyst at 559.278.0300 for a permission number for a 298C or 299C courses.  Comp exam students and students completing internship hours should contact the Division of Graduate Studies for more information at 559.278.2448.

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History of Hooding Ceremony and Academic Regalia
California State University, Fresno is one of only a few institutions in the country to recognize its graduates with a Hooding Ceremony which will now be hosted by the School you graduating from. The colorful hood of each university is reserved for those who attain the highest academic degree beyond the bachelor's degree. It is a special part of academic regalia and denotes scholarly and professional achievements.

The pageantry of commencement has its roots in medieval times, dating to the early tradition of Europe's first universities. Origins of academic attire are obscured in history, but it is likely that the scholar's distinctive dress was based on modifications of ecclesiastical costumes of the times. In 1895, the United States set for its universities a uniform academic costume code, which is reflected in most of the regalia worn today. Meanwhile, European universities maintained their right to variety. The vivid diversity of regalia for European degree holders brings to the American commencement such visual pleasures as sable berets, cardinal robes and other distinctive garb.

The cap, the hood and the robe are the visual components of the academic costume. The mortarboard, as we see it now, comes from joining the elements of a square bonnet and a skull cap. As early as 1600, scholars at Oxford University began using lightweight boards to hold out the corners of the bonnet.

Gown designs represent the levels of academic degrees. The master's gown has sleeves with a slit to allow the arm to emerge at the elbow. Color is allowed to break through in the hood. The color of the outer binding of the master's and doctoral hoods represents which the degree was received. The colors of the inner lining of the hood denote the institution awarding the degree. The inner hood lining for California State University, Fresno graduates is red and blue. The tassel color for all of our master's degree students is black.

The doctor's gown worn by most of the faculty, and doctoral degree candidates, is silk and faced with velvet panels from the neck to ankle, fitted with bell-shaped sleeves crossed by three velvet bars. The color of the velvet on the sleeves often indicates the academic degree. Although the color of the doctor's gown in the United States is generally black, several universities have their own distinctive colors. The tassel of the doctor's cap is of gold thread.

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