Applying for your Credential

After completing your program, you will need to submit an application for your teaching or services credential to the Credential Analyst in the Kremen School, ED-100. Do not send the Fresno State application directly to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC); you must apply through Fresno State.

Current Processing Fees:

  • $25 Fresno State processing fee. Money order or cashier's checks are acceptable. No personal checks or cash.
  • $102.50 CTC processing fee will be paid online by credit/debit card. This fee will be less if you hold a valid Certificate of Clearance. 

Teacher Credential Survey:

Students completing the Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Education Specialist preliminary credential programs are asked to complete the CSU Exit Survey prior to submitting your application to the Credential Analyst:

Your feedback is valuable and will provide information to help improve our preparation programs. Please be reassured that your data will remain confidential, and that no candidate will be individually identified from the survey responses.


Please contact the Credential Analyst, Sherri Nakashima at for information regarding:

  • Adding on authorizations to existing credentials
  • Extension appeals on Intern, Preliminary or Level I credentials
  • Out of state program verification form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):              

How long does it take for the Credential Analyst to process my application?

Usually an application will be processed within a few days; however, during peak periods such as January-March and June-September, it may take up to 10-15 working days.  Be assured that your application will be processed as quickly as possible. 

Are there credential fees?

There are two fees:  Fresno State processing fee of $25 and a $102.50 Commission on Teacher Credentialing fee. The Fresno State fee is payable by money order or cashier's check.  Personal checks will not be accepted.  The CTC fee is paid online by credit or debit card after your credential recommendation is submitted online to CTC. If you hold a valid Certificate of Clearance, you will have a fee credit that will be applied to your credential, so the CTC fee will be less than $102.50.   If you are applying for a science or math credential, the $25 Fresno State fee will be waived.  Indicate this by writing "MSTI fee waiver" on your credential application. 

What happens during the online process?

After the Credential Analyst completes the processing of your paperwork, your credential recommendation is submitted to CTC.  A notification email is sent to you with instructions how to log into the CTC website and complete your part of the online process.  This includes answering professional fitness questions and paying your CTC fee.  After your fee is paid, CTC will send a second email, which can be printed off as proof your application is being processed. CTC reviews your answers to the professional fitness questions. If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, there will be a delay in processing as your application is reviewed by the Division of Professional Practices. As long as there are no issues with your professional fitness review, your credential will be issued by CTC within approximately 2 weeks and a final email with your document number will be sent to you. 

How long is my credential valid?

Credentials are valid for 5 years with the exception of the Preliminary Speech Language Pathology Services credential, which is valid for 2 years.   Administrative Services credentials are valid for five years--however, they will be tied to your prerequisite teaching or services credentials and will share the same expiration date. 

I have a Preliminary Multiple Subject/Single Subject credential. How do I earn my Clear credential?

When hired in a full-time position teaching by a school district, you will be placed in a 2-year induction program such as BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) to earn your Clear credential. If you are not in a full-time teaching position or do not have access to a BTSA program, contact the Credential Analyst for further information on how to obtain your Clear credential.  Fresno State does not offer a Clear program.  

My credential requires CPR training. What type of training do I need?

Any CPR training that follows the American Heart Association or Red Cross guidelines is acceptable.  You will need to complete training for infants, children and adults.  The only online CPR training provider we will accept is:

My employer wants proof of my credential; what kind of documentation can I provide? 

Once your application is submitted online and you pay your CTC fee, you will receive a confirmation email.  Print this out and register it at your local County Office of Education (COE) credentials department to obtain a TCC (temporary county certificate) to present to your employer.  You can also ask for a credential receipt at our front desk when you submit your credential application, while your employer may accept a credential receipt, the COE will not accept this as official proof your credential recommendation has been submitted to CTC. 

Do test scores expire?  

Yes, CSET and RICA scores are valid for five years, so they need to be valid at the time you apply for your Preliminary credential. The only exception an expired score can be used for a Preliminary credential is if it was previously used towards an Intern credential. CBEST scores do not expire. 

I already have a Clear credential, how do I renew it?

If you already have a Clear credential, you can to go to the CTC website at: and click on "Services for Educators" and "Renew your Document" and follow the instructions. 

I have a Multiple Subject/Single Subject credential and want to add on another subject area; how do I do this?

There are 3 different routes to add on subject areas: supplementary authorizations, subject matter authorizations or full credentials.There are different requirements if you hold a Multiple Subject credential and want to teach in a single subject setting, or if you hold a Single Subject credential and want to obtain a Multiple Subject credential.  Please contact the Credential Analyst for additional information.   See  "Credential Information Links" above for information on supplementary and subject matter authorizations.   

Is it possible to get an extension on a Preliminary credential?

Yes, CTC does grant extensions for extenuating circumstances, such as family situations, health reasons, death in the family, etc.  Generally speaking, the only time a first-time extension appeal is denied is if the applicant claims a financial reason or lack of knowledge that requirements had to have been met.  If you require an extension on a Preliminary credential, please contact the Credential Analyst.