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Job Search Process

Job Search Strategies

Candidate Checklist




Where can I find out about openings?
*Vacancy Announcements
Career Services Office
School District Offices
County Offices of Education

*Professional Associations

*Recruiting Fairs



After the first (screening) interview...
*May be placed on a list.

*May be called back for additional interviews

*Could be a long wait..
-- checking references.
-- conferring with interview panel members
-- determining districts needs

What if I am offered a position?
*Could be in person, by phone or by mail.

*Usually given a relatively short time frame to respond.

*Respond in writing -- whether accepting or rejecting.

*Once you accept (verbally or in writing), you are legally obligated.

*Notify other school districts where you have applied.

What if I am not offered a position?
*Many possible reasons and they may not directly relate to you.
--stay in contact with peers.
--make new contacts, expand your job search.
--follow up with districts to which you applied.
--contact Education career counselor.

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STEP 1 - Start Early
If you wait until after final student teaching you will miss 80-90 percent of the activity.

STEP 2 - Organize Materials
You will need to organize screening materials asked for by school districts: cover letter, completed application form, resume, philosophy statement, transcripts, and letters of recommendations. Official transcripts are not required until position is offered.

STEP 3 - Self Assessment
Conduct a self assessment on what your job placement needs are: location, socio-economic level, programs offered, working and living conditions.

STEP 4 - Create a Personal Plan of Action
1. Identify all prospective employers and districts of interest that fit your criteria.
2. Find district names and addresses through directories in college career center or on the district Website. (Chances for success increase when geographical boundaries are enlarged.)
3. Identify teacher recruitment fairs you are interested in attending.
4. Budget your money. The job search requires a financial investment in travel, telephone, professional dress, and correspondence.

STEP 5 - Follow Through
1. Application procedures differ from one district to the next. Determine the application procedures for each district you are interested in and supply needed information.
2. Keep yourself on a strict time management schedule to insure your completion of all procedures.

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Yes No I have visited the Career Services Offices.
Yes No I am familiar with the California Public School Directory.
Yes No I am familiar with the California Standard Application.
Yes No I know who the Education Career Counselor is.
Yes No I have established a Professional Placement File with the Career Services office.
Yes No I have a professional resume.
Yes No I understand the nature of an employment interview.
Yes No I have considered the geographic locations to which I am willing to drive.
Yes No I have considered the type of school district for which I wish to teach.
Yes No I know the application process to be used in each of the districts with which I plan to apply.
Yes No I have considered other skills and interests that might be salable to a school district.
Yes No I have checked all available recruiting information and salary schedules on districts in which I am interested.
Yes No I am aware of the teaching market. I know the need areas.