Master of Arts in Education,
Option: Educational Leadership and Administration

Dr. Linda Hauser, Coordinator

Educational Leadership and Administration (P-12)

The Educational Leadership and Administration faculty prepare candidates to function effectively as educational leaders in the Central Valley and beyond. Our graduates serve in leadership roles in a variety of educational settings. Among them are administrative positions in public and private schools, colleges, universities and other related educational agencies. Graduates earning credentials are authorized to serve in administrative roles in California P-12 public schools. Program graduates are continuously recognized as scholar-practitioners, instructional leaders, and agents of change in P-12 schools and in higher education.

Higher Education, Administration, and Leadership (HEAL)

Dr. Susana Hernández, Facilitator for the HEAL Pathway

The Higher Education, Administration, and Leadership (HEAL) Pathway is a distinct degree pathway for students pursuing a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration in the Department of Educational Research and Administration. The HEAL Pathway attracts individuals interested in careers in higher education as well other educational settings and agencies. During the course of a 31-semester unit program of study, HEAL students delve into a curriculum that examines policies, practices, theories, and current issues related to the post-secondary education pipeline. Students acquire valuable analytical and research skills while developing their leadership traits. The learning experiences in the HEAL Pathway curriculum and the relationships with faculty offer students the essential knowledge and philosophy required for exemplary practice in institutions of higher education and other educational settings.

P-12 Administrative Services Credentials

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program is a 24 semester unit program that provides basic preparation for employment in a P-12 public school administrative position. The Professional Administrative Services Credential Program is a 10 unit program. Once an individual completes the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and obtains an administrative position, an application must be made to the Professional Administrative Services Credential Program within the first year of employment. The program provides individually designed advanced preparation in professional development, transformational leadership, school law, school finance, school human resource management, and other areas necessary for leadership in all education settings.

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier I)
The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program provides authorization to function in an administrative position in a P-12 school setting and can be attained while completing the Master of Arts in Education degree program or with any other conferred master's degree. Individuals who wish to serve as educational administrators must complete preliminary and advanced levels of preparation. Holders of the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and the Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential are authorized to serve in such positions as district superintendent, principal, program director, and any related administrative assignments at all school levels.

Administrative Internship Credential
In special circumstances, students may be eligible for the Administrative Internship Credential. This credential allows students to have a full-time position requiring an administrative credential while they are working toward the completion of the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.