About the Committee

Video message from International Committee Faculty:

This Kremen School of Education and Human Development committee was established by the Kremen School leadership and the faculty.

Sections in the Kremen School Constitution that establish the international committee:

Section 1. Committees shall be established and organized to develop the procedures and recommendations for achievement of the purposes enumerated in the Preamble. Standing committees in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development will include the following: Executive Committee, Admissions and Standards; Basic Credential and Curriculum; Budget; Educational Equity; Graduate; School Personnel; Research; Scholarship; Development; and International Education.

Clause 11.       International Education

a.   Purpose

  1. To facilitate international, multicultural and cross-cultural experiences for faculty, staff and students of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development.
  2. To seek funding and support for such international experiences.
  3. To establish priorities related to International Education.
  4. To assist and support the recruitment of international students to KSOEHD and its programs.
  5. To enhance the cultural competency of all members of the KSOEHD with regard to international issues.

b.   Membership

  1. Chair
  2. One faculty member from each department
  3. Two at-large members that can be faculty or international education specialists from across the campus
  4. A student member appointed by the International Education Chair in consultation with the committee

c.   Selection/Length of Term

  1. Elected members serve three-year terms.
  2. Faculty members from each department are elected by the members of their departments.
  3. At-large members are selected and voted in by the International Education Committee.
  4. Student member(s) appointed annually by the International Education Chair in consultation with the committee.
  5. The committee chair is voted in yearly by the committee, and can serve up to three consecutive years as chair.